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Why buy a Bicycle Helmet?

Why buy a Bicycle Helmet?


A bicycle helmet is a basic yet one of the most important safety accessories to own as a cyclist. With an increase in motorists on our busy roads the potential to be in an accident situation can be quite high and your safety is of utmost importance in these situations. Apart from safety, helmets offer a ton of other benefits. Helmets protect you in a few different ways: they help the head slow down more gradually instead of hitting the ground quickly; they spread the impact over a larger area of your head, which helps you avoid a severe injury; and they prevent a direct hit on the skull, which can result in a fracture or worse.

Here are some of the reasons to wear a bicycle helmet while riding your bicycle.

Safety / Protection

The head is the most important part of the human body and needs to be taken care of. Good helmets conform to stringent global testing standards and come with safety certificates that ensure your safety in case of a fall. Helmets Protect Your Head In the case of a bicycle accident, heads are often the first body parts to become injured. That’s why it is crucial to choose a helmet that fits properly. Wearing the right size helmet protects both your head and brain, preventing external and internal damage. This is especially important in terms of bike safety for kids as their brains are still developing. If you are unsure if an accident has resulted in an injury, it is always safer to seek medical attention. Snell and M.I.P.S are common safety standards to keep an eye out on. A fall could take place at any speed and you must wear a helmet at all times. Even if you’re just riding around the neighbourhood!

Increased Visibility

Bicycle helmets increase your visibility in multiple ways. They come in bright colors or fluorescent colors which make the rider highly visible on the road. Inbuilt reflectivity ensures you’re visible in the dark and few helmets have to flash L.E.D lights which are an added advantage in low light.

Riding your bike along the street, even if it’s not a busy one, can be dangerous. When visibility is low, even during broad daylight, drivers may not see you. With the right helmet, however, you become more visible.

Keeps you Protected from Harsh Weather

Helmets protect you from harsh weather by cutting direct sunlight from scorching the rider’s head. Helmets are also designed to help speed up sweat evaporation and work to keep the head cool. Bad weather is another reason to wear a helmet. If your bicycle is your main form of transportation, and if you travel by bike a great deal, you may have to ride during inclement weather. A helmet, especially one with a visor, can help protect you from rain, wind gusts, and the sun’s UV damage. You can shop bicycle helmets either from the store or online.

Managing head heat is an extremely important aspect of a well designed and well-ventilated helmet – especially when you’re riding long distances or if you’re putting in the effort when you’re climbing an elevation or in a race/performance situation

Setting an Example

Wearing a helmet is not only necessary for your health and safety, but also your friends, family, or kids. By enforcing the use of helmets within your friend’s circle you are creating awareness that is then noticed by others around you.

Prevent a Concussion

We all may joke about getting a concussion, but if you have experienced one, you know it is no laughing matter. Concussions are serious as they can result in death or lifelong disabilities. So wearing a helmet will protect this one.


Wearing a helmet is one of the most important bike safety rules. And wearing a helmet can save you from various injuries. So before riding a bicycle, make sure you’re wearing a helmet.

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