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Shoes Write For Us: The shoe is a piece of footwear that is supposed to protect and comfort the human foot. The design of shoes has changed enormously over time and from culture to culture, linked initially to function. Although the human foot is adapt to different terrain and climatic conditions, it is still vulnerable to environmental hazards, such as sharp rocks and extreme temperatures, against which shoes protect. Some boots are using as safety equipment, such as the steel-soled boots required on construction sites. Shoes are also using as decorative and fashion items.
In addition, numerous design details, such as whether the shoes have very high or flat heels, are sometimes decided by trend. New shoes vary widely in style, complexity, and cost. Simple sandals can consist of only a thin sole and a simple strap and can be solved cheaply. Famous designer couture shoes can be made of expensive materials, complex in construction, and sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars a pair. Some shoes are designs for specific purposes, such as boots designed explicitly for mountaineering or skiing, while others have more general uses, such as boots. B. Sneakers have been transforming from a unique sports shoe to an all-purpose shoe.
The shoe industry is a $ 200 billion a year industry. Traditionally, shoes are making from leather, wood, or canvas, but increasingly they are made from rubber, plastic, and other petrochemical materials. Unfortunately, 90% of shoes end up in landfills because the materials are difficult to separate, recycle or reuse.
Shoemaking began in the mid-18th century. Then, department stores started stocking shoes made by many small local manufacturers.
Shoes Write For Us: Shoes play an essential role in our lives, from our soles to our souls. While shoes serve a basic utilitarian purpose and provide several benefits, they also carry beliefs and inherent values. While a lack of shoes does not deprive a person of their identity or prevent them from travelling, having shoes makes life a lot easier. Shoes enable us to travel further, express ourselves more freely, increase our performance, and improve our general health.

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