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Authentic Wedding Sarees: The Beauty of India

Authentic Wedding Sarees: The Beauty of India

In the past, practically all Indian women wore sarees. However, in recent years, it has completely transformed, with girls now donning t-shirts, jeans, gowns, and skirts. However, Indian women still wear traditional sarees for weddings, formal events, and other family gatherings. Sarees are available in various styles and patterns, such as designer wedding and fashion sarees.

One of the most enjoyable events, where everyone can take part, from young people to seniors, is a wedding. Everyone is thrilled about shopping for clothes, jewellery, and other items. Still, the bride is most excited about choosing the right type of wedding sarees for various wedding-related events. The industry offers a wide variety of wedding saree collections.

Rich Textures

The diversity of breathtakingly exquisite designs and patterns is the one thing that first stands out when looking through an Indian wedding sarees assortment.

The Indian bridal sari or wedding sarees are the ideal canvas to display the many regional embroidery and decoration traditions. Resham, zari, or gold print work can be seen in regular sarees. Still, the best wedding sarees are the only ones to mix sparkling elements like sequins, cutdana, Kundan, crystals, gota Patti, zardosi, Dabka, latkan, Parsi gara, booti, and Kasab.

Wedding sarees designs can also include complete scenes, swirls, and stylized abstractions, though natural motifs like leaves, fruits, flowers, birds, and animals are more common. Regardless of the motif, the pattern is usually extremely detailed, covering the entire saree and giving the thick borders a dazzling, weighty vibe.



  • The most well-known wedding sarees from South India is the Kanjeevaram silk saree. It is renowned for the clash of colours. A typical Kanjeevaram silk saree will have patterns like temple borders, checks, stripes, and flower booties. Because three different woven fabrics must be interlocked to create this saree, it is pricey.


  • These wedding sarees, which feature gold or silver thread work, are more akin to investments, particularly when worn with the appropriate blouse styles. Additionally, the Kanjeevaram silk saree creates religious designs influenced by mythology and temple architecture.


  • The Banarasi saree, made of the finest wedding silk, is from Varanasi. Beautiful gold and silver brocade motifs on the saree draw heavily on Mughal aesthetics. Because of this, every woman has to own exquisite wedding sarees. Most Bengali brides still prefer wearing traditional Banarasi wedding sarees to weddings.


  • The Madhya Pradesh Chanderi saree has a beautiful, spotless sheen. The fabric is light as air by weaving cotton with silk and zari. The wedding sarees are appropriate for festivities and celebrations because of their opulent feel. This drape would look stunning at any wedding event because of the delicious texture of the handloom weave.


  • The most well-known wedding sarees made in India are the stunning Maheshwari sarees. The Maheshwari saree was originally crafted from 100 percent silk. Then over time, these wedding sarees started to be fashioned with pure cotton and a blend of cotton and silk (silk yarn in the warp and cotton in the weft). Maheshwari sarees are currently made with wool as well. Compared to the Kanchipuram sarees of South India, these wedding sarees are incredibly light in weight.


Many brides are moving from bridal lehengas to wedding sarees for their big day because of the royal vibes and unmatched ethnicity that the timeless nine-yard provides. Wedding sarees are made to make the bride the centre of attention.

There are so many types and styles of wedding sarees available even in online stores like Taneira that you are sure to get what you desire. The ideal times to have fun are at weddings. Make the most of it by dressing attractively in these drapes. Planning can also help you prevent unnecessary stress and last-minute worry. Arrange your undergarments, jewellery, accessories, and shoes to look together. It’s time to start a wedding gram fire!

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