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Avoid These Blunders While Purchasing Bridal Jewellery

Avoid These Blunders While Purchasing Bridal Jewellery

Bridal Jewellery: You are finally going to marry the man of your dreams! We know this is a very important day in your life and you have been eagerly planning your wedding outfit and trousseau with anticipation to nail your look for the D day. Bridal shopping can be as stressful as exciting it may be. We are often swamped with varied advice from relatives, friends, and family that leaves us confused, leading us to make some mistakes. Check here some common blunders bride-to-be makes while shopping for wedding jewelry that leads to an unwanted headache later on.

1. Shopping for wedding jewelry before the wedding outfit:

This is a very common mistake that almost every bride makes and should be avoided at any cost. It’s vital to decide the wedding gown or lehnga first so that you have clarity on the design, metal, and how heavy the wedding jewelry should be.  For example, if you are settling for a light pink or lilac color lehenga which has silver work on it,  then the yellow gold jewelry wouldn’t match, rather you should opt for white gold or platinum jewelry studded with diamond. We know you can’t be carrying around the wedding outfit from store to store to match the jewelry, a smart way would be to take an extra swatch of your wedding gown material from the retailer and carry that to get an overall idea.

2. Buying Heavy Traditional Jewellery: 

For centuries we have been hardwired to associate wedding jewelry with something that’s over the top, heavily embellished, and difficult to carry. If you share the same perception then it’s time to get a reality check. Millennial brides are these days gravitating towards light-weight bridal jewelry that they can sport on other occasions, instead of locking it safely in the closet. Online jewelers like Melorra understand the need of the modern-day bride and hence have curated a collection of lightweight fine jewelry that’s affordable yet super stylish. You can visit this page to check out the range.

3. Not Considering the Shape of the Face While Picking Earrings:

Earrings undoubtedly are a piece of jewelry that accentuates facial features. Most brides feel, the bigger the earrings, the better they will make them look on their wedding day. This is a total misconception! You should consider the shape of your face, and also its comfort so that you pick the right pair. If you have a more square face, then steer clear of wide studs, and rather go with elongated danglers.

4. Following Fashion Trends Blindly:

It’s very easy to get lured with the latest fashion trends, especially because we want to look upbeat. While it’s good to take inspiration from the wedding looks of your favorite celebrities, it’s important to be mindful of the fact that whether or not that look will suit you. For example, a lot of celebrities include lavish mattapatti to complete their bridal look, this may not look good on you given your smaller forehead, or a round face.

Be mindful that purchasing bridal jewelry is an expensive affair, and it is going to stay with you for a lifetime. Use your judgment to make the best selection.

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