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A guide to buying your First Rolex watch

A guide to buying your First Rolex watch

Who doesn’t want to look good in what they wear? There’s that personality you want to project to the world, and grooming is at the core. Now, a Rolex watch is a part of what you’ve to do to achieve your goal.  Research has shown that Rolex is the one thing men want to have after attaining a milestone in life. The sturdiness of the watches makes them last for long and therefore a perfect way of keeping great memories.  However, when it’s your first time wearing a Rolex watch, you may wonder if the choice you’re about to make a good one, and that’s why you need to continue reading this article.

Here are a few questions we need to ask when buying your first Rolex

 Is a Rolex good for my style?

The watch may be ubiquitous but is that what you need to complete your style? You may have been attracted to the brand, but it may not be the thing for you if you don’t like the style. How often would you want to wear Rolex? It could be you need it for special occasions or maybe an everyday watch. Are you a dressy person, or do you love casual? You need to know that Rolex is not a dress watch, but it’s known for sports and professional wear.

Can I afford Rolex?

Rolex is a classy watch, and it’s probably why you know it. It’s a watch you don’t go shopping with your credit card- take time and gather enough money, and then you can walk to a Rolex retailer and buy in cash. That comes with a high price tag, and therefore it’s not a watch you’ll buy if you’ve no enough money.

Am I buying Rolex for the right reason?

Why are you buying the Rolex watch? Is it for you or someone you treasure? All you need to look for is value for money. Don’t just go for the symbol but looks. You also need Rolex if you need a watch to wear all the time. You’ll only realize its value; it’s part of your daily grooming.

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 Do you buy a new, pre-owned, or vintage?

Going for a new watch is the best option. You pay, get it packed in boxes, and with a manual to guide you, and you get the perfect thing with everything-pretty straightforward. It gives you peace of mind, but again, you must be ready to ‘cough’ some reasonable amount.

Or probably you like vintage; you love that old leather strap, you can get a Rolex that has been worn for long. Vintage is 20 to 30 years old, but antique is defined as 100 years older. Vintage Rolexes have not been popular, but recently, their prices and quality have drawn the attention of many. A pre-owned Rolex, on the other hand, is less than 20 years old watches. These are pretty cost-effective, although sometimes the price can go up due to a demand in the market for a specific model. They probably have the best value ratio between discount and wear.

Are you looking for a watch that makes you presentable and one that you can wear in any season and occasion? You’ve several types to choose from; take your time and consider one that befits you. Then Rolex beats any other type.

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