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Career Write For Us

Career Write For Us

Career Write For Us: Career means occupation (e.g., he has chosen a career in medicine). It’s a lifelong job sequence. It is a sequence of positions that a person has taken in the course of his life. It means stable employment in a job.

For example, doctors and lawyers are said to have a career instead of office workers and mechanics. This definition suggests that one must acquire a specific professional or social status through one professional activity to start a career.

Popularly, this can mean advancement (“He is developing in his career”), a profession (“She has a career in medicine”), or stability over time (military career).

For our purposes, we define a career as “the model of work experience and experiences that extend for personal life.” The concept is just as relevant for temporary workers as it is for engineers and doctors.

Therefore, for our purposes, any work, whether paid or unpaid, performed over some time can constitute a career. In addition to formal employment, jobs can also include schoolwork, housework, or volunteering.

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