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Travel Guide Write For Us: Before you start picturing your typical tour guide standing in front of a crowded bus full of visitors – much like a moving fish tank for the locals to stare at – shouting out dull statistics about stuff you couldn’t care less about, keep in mind that there are many different sorts of travel advisors.

Many travel advisors these days are independent, self-promoters who are specialists in their field. They typically take small, intimate parties to visit the sights and eateries that only locals know, even if you prefer exploring your own; hiring a private tour guide, especially if you have limited time and don’t know your way about it, maybe the most excellent way to appreciate your time in a specific location truly.

There is no right or incorrect method to travel to and within a new part of the world, but how you do it is determined by a few factors: Your financial situation, You have a limited amount of time. We’re talking about the type of travel advisor here isn’t one of those quick-talking salesmen who approach anybody with luggage at the local border crossing. Instead, we’re talking about a genuine live local who understands the region you’re visiting and can take you to areas you didn’t know existed – and even introduce you to the people.

A competent tour guide will have chosen to live in the area for some time. They may have grown up there and never wanted to leave, or they could be foreigners who discovered the site you’re visiting and became a local. In any case, there’s a reason they’re where they are and doing what we love the region, they will know the area, and they like sharing it with others.

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