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The Best Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds for Busy People

The Best Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds for Busy People

Having a dog as a pet has many benefits. Even scientific studies have shown that four-legged friends can positively impact your health, which you can find out about at this link. Still, dogs depend heavily on their owners, so they need regular care.

Every animal has innate hygiene habits that they manifest in the natural environment. Still, this is usually not enough for living in a house or apartment, especially if your dog has long hair or often plays outside. Then your help is necessary to keep your pet neat and clean.  Be aware of that, especially if you or your family members are allergic to animal hair.

Shedding is a natural process that occurs in all furry animals. If, on the other hand, despite all the ‘obstacles,’ you want a dog, you can look for breeds listed as ‘low-maintenance’ in terms of grooming. But this term also implies pups that don’t require much walk or exercise, which is something busy people should think of.

Small Dogs, Less Worry?

The dog’s size often doesn’t have too much influence on the care level that these animals require. For example, Pomeranians are tiny dogs, but they are labeled as high-maintenance dogs. They need special fur care products, as well as regular haircutting at a professional groomer.

Beagles are also not big, but they need much care, especially the ears. On the other hand, Huskies or Malinois don’t need clipping and grooming. Still, they do need a lot of space and training to keep their athletic nature under control. So no high-maintenance breeds if your life is super-hectic.

Little Fellow Pug

The Pug is one of the most popular and loved dog breeds in the world. That makes sense since this pup is extremely cute and loving. What makes them great pets for busy people is less maintenance than many other dog breeds.

As for activity level, these small pups are not known for their athletic abilities. Sure, they won’t mind a few walks a day. But they won’t bother you to go outside if you forget. Instead, they will lie down on the sofa or play with their toys somewhere in the corner.

Due to their short nose, Pugs need to see the vet every three or four months for a regular checkup. Bathing should be done once or twice a month. They don’t have any problems with ticks or fleas. If you leave them with the other animal (cat or guinea pig), be without worry. As you can see on this guide, these little ones get along well with all the other pets.


The Chihuahua is probably one of the pups with the lowest maintenance requirements. Due to their size, their bathing and grooming should be a piece of cake. But their defensive nature can sometimes be a problem. They are small, but their personality is enormous. So try not to spoil them and get them used to your occasional absence.

These small pups tend to be very friendly animals, and they like to spend time with their owners. But they enjoy their solitude too, as long as they have any dark place to hide in. For some reason, they need these ‘shelters.’ So if you plan to leave them alone for a while, make sure you open the closet, some big box, or a hamper of old clothes to snuggle in.

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Energetic Dachshunds

Dachshunds are an excellent choice for people who don’t have time to clean animal hair a dozen times a day as they shed almost none. Since there are two types, short-haired and wire-haired, future owners are often confused about these little ones’ care. Hair length doesn’t have too much of an effect on dog maintenance, as neither subspecies sheds too much.

Still, the long-haired Dachshunds are not recommended for allergy sufferers. Due to their size and adaptability, these little ones are great pets for apartments where they’ll keep good hygiene habits. These dogs are smart and calm if you occupy them with enough exercise, so even less experienced owners can have them.

But if you decide to let your pet out in the yard, get ready for a bath. Dachshunds love outdoor activities, and because of their inherited hunting nature, their favorite hobby is digging holes. Since these dogs learn very easily, you can train them to wipe their paws before entering the house and go straight to the bathroom, where you will bathe them if necessary.

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Elegant Boston Terrier

Energetic Dachshunds

Suppose you are looking for a breed that requires minimal attention but will provide you with hours of fun and companionship. In that case, a Boston terrier may be just right for you. They need very little grooming and don’t require daily bathing. These dogs enjoy the water, so they won’t make any trouble in the tub, and their bathing will be smooth.

If you live in an apartment or have a fenced yard, then you won’t have much of a problem keeping up with your Boston terrier. They can play alone for hours, so they won’t even notice you’re not around. But you will need to spend some time with them and giving them attention.

Dog breeds, like no animal, are not toys. Don’t take them and expect them to take care of themselves. It is not enough to just feed your pet and give them a few cuddles from time to time. All animals, besides food, care, and vet help, need love and devotion.

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Review The Best Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds for Busy People.

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