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Style Bathing Suits for Women in 5 Easy Steps

Style Bathing Suits for Women in 5 Easy Steps

Style Bathing Suits: Summer is here and that means it’s bikini season! If you are ready to refresh your summer wardrobe, then look no further! We have put together five easy steps for styling your bathing suits for any summer activity. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Choose Your Style

The first thing that you will need to do when putting together a swimwear look is pick out a bathing suit. Bathing suits for women come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and colors. Make sure that the bathing suit you choose is something that you feel comfortable in. The most important thing here is to feel confident in your swimwear. Then you can build your look around the style of bathing suit you have chosen.

2. What to Wear Over It

Once you have your perfect bathing suit picked out, you can move on to what you will wear over it. For this step, you will want to think about what you will be doing before you get to the destination where you will take your coverup off. For example, a day spent shopping or at a beach bar before dipping in the ocean will require a different outfit then a day spent hiking to a waterfall. Here are a few stylish options for different occasions.

Cute and Feminine: If you plan to hit a bar or restaurant in your swimwear before or after heading to the beach, then we like to go for a more fun and flirty look. Try out a sheer or crochet dress to wear over your bathing suit. Or if you want more coverage before heading into a restaurant, try a wrap dress that you can wear multiple ways. This will allow you to adjust how covered you are when out in public.

Sporty and Practical: If you will be doing anything physical before your swim like hiking then start with a pair of cut offs. You can do a high waisted pair with just a bikini top if you want to show some skin. Or try low rise shorts with a loose-fitting tank or a fitted tube top for some extra coverage and hold. We also like a one piece for any physical activities. Not only will they help hold everything in but they are also easy to style as they have the same shape as a bodysuit. Throw your cut offs on over one of these and you have an easy and fashion forward look.

Stylish and Photo-Ready: If your plan is to head straight to the beach to lounge and take some Instagram pics, then you are going to want to show off more of your swimwear. We love a neutral-colored bikini with a brightly colored sheer wrap skirt. Or vice versa. This way the color or pattern on your bikini will peak out of the skirt. This style also looks great in photos.

3. Choosing Footwear

The next step is picking out appropriate footwear. If you are going for the cute and feminine style, a pair of wedges is our first choice. Wedges are a great way to finish off the look of a sundress over a bikini and will help you feel put together when you grab a bite to eat post or pre beach. If you are rocking the sporty and practical look, a pair of chunky sneakers or some strappy waterproof shoes will look great and will support you through any physical activity. If you are headed straight to the beach then a pair of strappy color coordinated sandals are going to be your go to. They are easy to slip on and off and will not get ruined by the sand.

4. Add a Handbag

Don’t forget to complete your look with the perfect handbag. If you have a lot of things to carry to the beach with you, then opt for a large tote bag. You can go for a standard canvas tote or you can choose a see through tote that will make it easier to find your things in the large bag. If you are packing lighter, we love a crossbody straw bag. These scream summer and will not get destroyed by the sand, wind and water at the beach. 

5. Accessorize

Don’t forget to accessorize! This is a step that many people skip when styling a bathing suit but that would be a major missed opportunity. Dainty gold necklaces or rings look great with a tan and a body chain with a bikini is a look that we’d gladly die for. Sunhats, visors, and sunglasses are also a great way to spice up your look with something both practical and stylish.

Get Summer Ready

So there you have it, five easy steps on how to style your bathing suit! Now that you look amazing it’s time to jump into summer 2022 with confidence and style!

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