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Jotaro Hat: What is Jotaro Hat, Jotaro Kujo, and his Appearance

Jotaro Hat: What is Jotaro Hat, Jotaro Kujo, and his Appearance

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Jotaro Kujo Cap (Jotaro Hat)

The most famous anime represented on a cool Jotaro hat! Made of durable polyester, this cap is great for cosplay, gifts and regular wearing! You can go for a walk or meet with your friends in this cap, feeling like the new JoJo.

Jotaro Kujo is the central character or protagonist or hero of the third part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Stardust Crusaders and the third JoJo in the series. He is a crucial ally in Diamond is Unbreakable and Stone Ocean and appears briefly in Vento Aureo. Therefore, Jotaro is the JoJo that appears most frequently in the series.



Jotaro is a half-Japanese criminal who leads a normal healthy life until Joestar’s ancestral enemy, DIO, returns. While his mom Holy falls ill due to the influence of DIO, Jotaro crosses half the world with his grandfather Joseph Joestar and a group of friends to save Holy and defeat the vampire once and for all.

Jotaro is a stand trader and has the mighty Star Platinum. He is the utmost famous character in the series. He is also the dad of Jolyne Cujoh, the protagonist of Stone Ocean.

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Jotaro and his Appearance

Jotaro is a tall, attractive and muscular young man of 195 cm tall. He has dark hair that blends into his hat, thick, furrowed eyebrows continuously, and green eyes. Because of this, he bears some resemblance to his grandfather Joseph Joestar and his ancestor Jonathan Joestar.

Stardust Crusader

Jotaro’s famous hat has a gold button in the middle of the forehead and a rectangular badge on the left. The hat is torn and appears to fused with Jotaro’s hair. In the instance, in the beginning, the hat and hair were separated, and the line between the two becomes dark as the series progresses. Araki makes it clear that he had to recognize Jotaro both from behind and front and then from the hat.

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Diamond is Unbreakable

Jotaro changes costumes several times while Diamond is unbreakable. These suites share a hat and coat with wide pants, all white.

His first suit consists of a cape with a folded white-collar, the sleeves of which decorated with the same triangular cobblestone as his belt. He still dresses a tank top with a diagonal crosswise strap across his chest. His hat is ornate with a metallic “J” next to a heart-shaped pine with the palm symbol.

Jotaro wears his second costume during the hunting bow! Remember his school uniform with a stiff thick collar overcoat and a simple shirt. His hat adorned with pine trees in the shape of dolphins and the sun, and his cloak decorated with a plaque in the shape of two dolphins forming a heart on the right and a square jaw on the left.

His last costume has a coat with the same sleeves as the first one. Jotaro wears a beautiful, buttonless, open cardigan with a cross and circle motif and a black high-necked sweater with the palm of the hand on the neck. His hat is decorated with needles in the shape of the Venus symbols with arrowheads and the palm plate. His belts ties no longer have patterns, and he has put a pocket on them. You can Buy Trucker hats wholesale.

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