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The Best Styles Fashion Advice of All Time

The Best Styles Fashion Advice of All Time

Although it’s something everyone does every day, dressing up (or putting on an outfit if you like) can seem like the most frustrating and challenging part of the morning. Who didn’t stand in front of a closet full of clothes and thought: “I have nothing to wear?” Rest assured that you not alone in this daily puzzle. For this purpose, we consulted a group of experts, top designers, Styles consultants, and retail professionals, to demystify the act of dressing once and for all. Model wears a classic white shirt and jeans Jessica Antola

1. Balance proportions

slim dress

How it works: Of course, you want to show what you are proud of tight arms or a slim waist. It’s minimizing the least loved parts that are complicated. A tactic? Add different volumes, e.g., B. Baggy Pants, to balance a more substantial top half that is slightly tight. “The goal is to balance,” explains designer Nicole Miller. “So avoid something too big, or you’ll look bigger.” Another idea: Distraction. If it’s pear-shaped, wear unforgettable black pants and stand out with a bold scarf, says Louise Roe, author of the font-Styles tip book.

2. Use age-appropriate trends

How to do it: There’s probably an adult version of the Styles du Jour. Take Blouses – To prevent skin from becoming visible, combine a shirt that opens at the navel with a high-waisted skirt or a longer blouse with a short blouse over it. “It looks similar,” promises designer Rebecca Minkoff. Bottom Line: “You never want to get the impression that you’re uncomfortable with your age and you try to look younger,” says Lilliana Vazquez, Styles expert and editor at

3. With the right bra, you look slimmer

How you do it: “Where your breasts sit on your chest makes a big difference in the fit of your clothes,” says Vazquez. In other words, when you wear a bra that fits well, there is no sagging or bulging, and that means your silhouette looks cut off from all angles. The target is halfway between your elbows and shoulders. It is a coincidence that “the front middle wall of the bra is flat, there are no folds or gaps in the cups, and the bra is not rising or bulging,” said Kristen Supulski, marketing director at Vanity Fair. Lingerie brands. “If you can just push two fingers under the band, and it still feels good, that’s the perfect fit.”

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4. Don’t be too appropriate

How it works: Try to use colors that enhance each other instead of “blending” in the traditional sense. For a simple trick, Minkoff says, “Look at a simple color wheel. The colors opposite each other the wheel complement each other.” (Don’t think it’s obvious, but get combinations like orange and navy or purple and saffron.) Another option is to diversify your accessories in color and texture. (A beloved trio from Betty Halbreich’s vault, a personal shopper at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City, and author of the Styles

memorabilia I’ll drink for: “A black dress, navy shoes, and a burgundy bag”). Under no circumstances should you move a jewelry line. Vázquez says: “Everything that sold together as a set seems outdated.”

5. Show Skin Selectively

How to do it: “Don’t give people too many things to look at once, says Halbreich. If you’re trying a low-cut dress, focus on the neckline, you don’t need bare arms and legs.” The concept also applies to the fit: a body-hugging dress is better with a more responsive neckline and hem, while a skirt a few centimeters above the knee does not raise the eyebrows when it is flared instead of tight.

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6. Spend as much as you can on staples

How it works: first, a disclaimer. There is no necessity to break the bank on the basics: T-shirts, buttons, jeans, of which there are many quality options at low prices. Instead, treat yourself (if you can) with the item types that even cheap versions aren’t exactly stealing. For example, cheap cashmere still gives you $ 100 back. But this sweater will expand quickly, and then you will have to spend another $ 100 to replace it instead of spending a little more. “When sale classics like a great black blazer, it’s vital to invest in better fabrics, like wool, that will last better over time,” says Minkoff. Try to calculate the wear price to avoid adhesive collisions.

7. Develop a characteristic styles

How it works: “Find out how irresponsible you look,” says designer Nanette Lepore, and then look for variations on this topic. Is it Confused? Imagine the outfits that you wear most comfortably. Or ask people around you what looks best. If you’ve focused on what works, you’ll find different shots. “I like jackets, so I do a bomber Styles, then a silk version, or a denim jacket with leather sleeves,” says Minkoff. “Every time you feel the need to convince yourself of things, it’s a red flag that you shouldn’t buy them,” says Minkoff. If you have any doubts in the locker room, taking a photo in the article can help suggests Aerin Lauder, creator and creative director of the life brand Aerin. It’s much more accurate than viewing in the mirror.”

8. Everybody should wear a classic white shirt

Classic white shirt

How it works: Go for pure white instead of ivory, which can be messy. “However, since white can make your teeth look yellow in comparison, you should wear bold lipstick with a blue hue like fuchsia to make your teeth appear lighter,” recommends Florence Thomas, Creative Director at Thomas Pink Not sure which cut is best for you? A button with darts at the waist or curved princess seams can give everyone a feminine hourglass shape. Please make sure the shoulder seams aligned with your shoulders and that they not pulled forward or back. “Everything else can be adapted,” says Thomas. Do not dry clean to avoid discoloring cotton shirts. Let them wash and squeeze just like men’s shirts.

9. Mix prints and patterns

Printed Wear

Here’s how it works: By duplicating patterns, you can look so confident and stylish or dress in the dark. Follow these guidelines first. Adhere to a similar family of colors, and preferably the same background tone. Some pairings are like PB and J – they work. “Polka dots with stripes or flowers generally go well together,” says Minkoff. The same applies to the leopard pattern with a flawless pattern or paisley with squares or squares. Nearby parties are a no-no. For example, Vázquez says, Pata de Gallo and pictures are too similar to be excellent. And two large-scale impressions will compete for dominance and give people a headache. Complete the outfit with neutral accessories. Roe Precautions: “Do not add any more color to the mix.”

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10. Jewelry should emphasize its properties

How it works: The right pair of earrings can flatter the shape of your face. For example, long earrings make your face look slimmer when it’s round, says jewelry designer Lizzie Fortunato. If on the other finger, you have an elongated face, short, chunky earrings, like oversized earrings, draw attention outward, and your face doesn’t seem quite, for example, narrow. If you have a huge bust, a necklace should be an inch above the split or higher. The longer locks or pendants rest awkwardly on the body and draw attention to each contour. Finally, choose earrings in lighter colors like pearls or white stone to make your face look radiant.

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