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Easy Braids to do on Yourself: Braiding Hair Tutorials
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Easy Braids to do on Yourself: Braiding Hair Tutorials

Let’s say a classic hairstyle that always stays fashionable, and the “braid” will be the answer for most women. From dealing with a bad day to elegantly reworking our locks, braiding hair impress us time and time again. But come on, girls! Just nesting these three strands of hair regularly is so yesterday. Why not try something light and elegant in your hair that you can instantly love?

I am going to give you two easy ways to braid your hair. Just give them a try, and you will look fresh and beautiful. These are the best practices. When I asked myself how to braid my hair, I bumped into it and decided to share it with you.

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How to Braid your Hair with a Headband

If you want to follow the most popular hairstyle trend, you will need to braid your hair into a headband at least once. This boho-chic style is not only easy to make but also ensures a cute and carefree look in just a few minutes. You can even twist your braided headband by opting for a French braid instead of a regular one. We will help you figure out the hairstyle here:

  • First, make your hair tangle-free by joining it with a wide-tooth comb or a detangling brush. Straight, knotless hair always turns into a beautiful braid, and the task is also much more comfortable.
  • Comb and twist all of the hair to the side as you need to create the braid on your head. Make sure you tilt your head in that particular direction so the job can do effortlessly.
  • Now take a strand of hair under one of your ears and braid in French. Gradually move to the forehead and add a 1-inch section of hair each time the curls have interwoven.
  • Continue braiding along the hairline until you reach the other side of the head. Make sure you braid to the bottom of the ear on this side for a balanced look.
  • Tie the braid with a bright rubber band. Put it under the loose locks with the help of 1-2 hairpins.
  • Finally, attach your braided headband with a hairspray.

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Headband Braid

Here is one more tutorial on how to braid your hair. Simple braids can be so stylish, right?

Headband Braids

Those who do not know how to make a French braid and make a headband with it, here is a regular braid that works as a headband. See what the braid looks like on curly hair? Sweet, isn’t it?

curly hair braid

You Can Check this Video: Curly Hair Braiding

How to Braid your Hair to get a Sew-In Weave

Who says you can’t try a sewn hair weave at home alone? Once you’ve mastered the art of making small, flat, ultra-tight braids, you’re ready to create smart, durable, and natural-looking seams. Here is the step-by-step breakdown of the process:

  • Start cutting your hair. Regardless of whether you’re wearing a ponytail or a high hairstyle, you should leave at least 1 inch of hair along the circumference of your head. Also, leave at least 3 to 4 inches of hair like a frontal bang
  • Have some small clips ready and use them to separate different sections of hair. In this way, you can create a neat and clean braid.
  • Start braiding at the left or right corner of the hairline and keep the bangs in front
  • For the first part, make sure the front braid stays close to the hairline. This is very important to keep the rails out of sight, especially if you comb them over stitched locks
  • When you have done with your first braid, do more by following a predetermined path. You can develop a zigzag path or do it in a twisted way until you reach the nape
  • However, you can also braid all the hair. To do this, you need to start braiding from the right over one of your brow arches and work around your head and gradually get closer to the crown. However, you can only pull the braid behind the ears instead of removing it from the face

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silk hair braiding

Points to remember

And now here are a few central points to keep in mind when braiding hair in a headband or for just a sewn fabric:

Always use a braid for clean, dry hair. Wash your hair and blow-dry it completely before braiding.

Do not apply styling products to your locks before braiding as this will prevent you from gripping them well, and you will end up making loose and bulky braids.

Try not to make your braids too tight around the hairline. Otherwise, severe hair loss can occur.

If there are smaller strands of hair here and there on your braid, slide them with the round end of a hairpin behind the larger strands.

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When do you try out these different braided hairstyles? Don’t forget to tell us how it went.

I hope this article on braiding hair is helpful for you.

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