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10 Living Room Design Mistakes Everyone Makes
Living Room

10 Living Room Design Mistakes Everyone Makes

Interior designers spend their lives learning the little details that make a room perfect. Like a beautifully made movie, a well-decorated living room is both attractive and impressive, familiar, and safe. And sometimes what goes on in our living rooms can be hard to pin down. To hut some light on the most common living room design mistakes that can affect our spaces, we spoke with interior designers and a residential architect.

Your dream space might not be so out of reach when you consider the most common room decorating mistakes.

Choosing the Wrong Sofa:

The designers agree: a large living room begins with a large sofa. “I often go to a house, and the owners have good taste, but they already have a sofa that they want to work with,” says stylist and TV presenter Emily Henderson. “They don’t want to replace him because he’s not that old and they don’t care. I had to tell such a coach the news that they would never have the space they want,” said Henderson.

Living Room Design Sofa

David John Dick of DISC Interiors agrees: “Our customers keep telling us that the sofa they bought in the past was not comfortable or too big (or too small) for the room. An excellent sofa is key for comfort, but it is also paying attention to the height of the sofa seat (getting in and out on a low position is difficult) and plan your furniture before you buy it. “Impulse shopping is great for accessories and side tables, however never for a sofa because it can be a very costly mistake, “says Dick.

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Ditch the Showroom Appearance:

Another mistake that affects living rooms everywhere, according to New York architect Elizabeth Roberts, is “the atmosphere of the showroom.” In other words, a part that looks like it was purchased from the same store. “It is important for us to mix new and vintage elements to create an interesting, versatile, and individual piece,” she says. “We love the upholstery of antique furniture, especially in combination with modern upholstery,” says Dick.

To Buy a Carpet that is too Small:

For Henderson, one of the main people responsible for furnishing the living room is the wrong-sized carpet. “The United States has suffered from” carpet syndrome “for far too long,” he said. “I see it almost every day, and it hurts, especially when it’s so easy to avoid. Large carpets can be expensive and seem daunting, but according to the stylist, this is one of the most important aspects of a room.”

“Living rooms almost always require a mat of at least 8 x 10 feet (if not a mat of 9 x 12 feet). If you don’t have a small living room, you should stay away from everything. This is less than 6 feet from 9 to 4 feet 6 feet of carpet can work well on the side of a bed, in a kitchen, or a hallway, but it certainly won’t work in your living room, “advises Henderson.

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Poor Planning of Outline:

While it might be attractive to push a sofa against a wall in front of the TV cabinet and call it one day. Roberts reminds us that he is more involved in planning a great living room design. “It is important to consider and establish discussion groups, especially when the space is long and narrow, as in many houses and lofts,” she says.

Art is Wrong:

“The art hanging upside down on a wall is like a movie character in a horrible wig,” says Henderson. “It’s pretty hard not to see it, and you wish you could tear it off if you knew it would be so much better without it. It won’t ruin your experience, but it’s distracting.”

While some feel that art should be hung on an equal footing, the stylist notes that this doesn’t apply in all cases. Yes, art has to be at eye level, but not when the ceilings are flat and not when you are very high,she says. “If the wall was cut vertically into four sections (from the bottom up), think of the art in the third quadrant (from the bottom),” says Henderson.

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Overlooking Smaller Items:

To avoid the feeling of being in a store, Roberts also recommends leaving enough room for lighting, textiles, and accessories after selecting large items within the budget. “The little pieces add personality,” says Roberts. “We also prefer to illuminate the living room design with little light instead of ceiling lighting. Floor lamps and table lamps are best suited for living rooms.”

Choosing a Disproportionate Coffee Table:

Choosing a coffee table isn’t just about stopping by your favorite housewares store and picking one up on a whim. Leave your lifestyle and functionality (kid-friendly, storage for remote controls?) Determine the materials, height, length, and space needed for your coffee table to sing in harmony with your living room Design.

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Curtains do not Hang Properly:

Curtain rods hanging just above the window can close in a room, Lorna Aragon told My Domaine. Instead, hang the bar half a foot above the window frame. It gives the room a feeling of openness.

Choose Hard Lighting:

“Updating fixtures can be a cost-effective way to improve the overall aesthetic of any room and give an impression of refined elegance and comfort,” said Suzanne Donegan, Designer, and Creative Director. It’s also one of the most overlooked design features, but the most versatile – the lights can move with you.

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Review 10 Living Room Design Mistakes Everyone Makes.

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