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Drawing Room Ideas – Wall Design
Drawing Room

Drawing Room Ideas – Wall Design

Drawing Room is space that entered first when people visit a house. They define the character of the room, and its design defines the feeling and the atmosphere. It is in the living room where the house acquires personality. Therefore, the rooms must be well designed and planned, that they reflect the personality of the people who draw in the place and that they are in harmony with the rest of their home.

Families live in the Drawing Room. They get together, hang out, do things together, and talk. Most Drawing Rooms have a fixed number of furniture and decorative items. Each family’s favorite room displays the family’s accomplishments, status, and reputation.

Drawing Rooms have come a long way: heavy furniture, overwhelming curtains, and indistinct design. Today they are much more exciting and fascinating, colorful and contemporary, exciting, and furnished.

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Crazy Designs for the Walls of the Room

Designing a Drawing Room that designs for recreation as well as reading, postponement and persecution, entertainment, and introspection is a complicated matter. How do you see a design that intends for both work and space?

One of the most effective ways to improve the interior of a room is to focus on creating a statement wall. The walls are canvases that you can quickly explode to give your living room a striking makeover, even with minimal space requirements. From ancient to contemporary, here are five gorgeous designs that will turn a boring wall into anything extraordinary!

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Minimalist Design for Drawing Room Wall

Nothing beats a simple white wall with a bright color that complements the ambiance of a simple design. You can use abstract shapes painted in bold colors, such as B. the yellow pyramid with borders in this design. It looks so simple, but also very fashionable. If you opt for a more minimalist wall like this, you can embellish the whole look with an inverted triangular vase shelf that fits like a glove to the triangle on that wall. Aren’t you a fan of triangles? Go square. Any geometric shape will look impressive.

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Rustic Design for the Wall

Rustic Design

Your living room is probably the only place where you want to relax, get creative, and feel relaxed. Earthy tones create an environment for this. A beautiful stone wall that looks abstract and rustic, but still exquisite, is a brilliant choice for a quiet seat. Furthermore, there is no need to add to the design, as the charm of this wall lies in the entire natural stone structure. To complement the design, you can use delicate pendant lights in a soft shade of gray that doesn’t deflect the focus from the wall, but still adds unmatched charisma! With the perfect selection of antique chairs, you can create the perfect reading spot in your living room.

Eclectic Design for Drawing Room Wall


Regardless of whether you’re interested in black and white or colors, presenting art on a wall by literally turning it into a canvas can always add visual interest to a room. Best suited for someone who wants an artistic living room design. A majestic crane painting does a lot to attract attention and makes it the center of attention for your design. Black is often an underrated wall color, and this painting on black backdrops gives the whole room an eccentric feel.

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Neoclassical Design for Drawing room wall

This minimalist wall design defines everything classic and looks old-fashioned, but with a modernist touch. Sometimes all you need to turn an ordinary looking wall into a fabulous one is a real mirror. The golden mirror on the wall sets the theme for the rest of the furniture so that it fits perfectly – a breathtaking gold-colored work lamp, abstract cushions with golden polygon prints, and beautiful mustard curtains. A theme that this king demands as a backdrop of subtle colors: a great beige with a white frame, so that your living room feels today straight out of a king’s palace.

Industrial Design for the Wall

Naturally, someone who uses their salon for priority work wants a more functional space, but of course, elegant. An utterly white brick wall is smooth, beautiful and, with the right white curtains, can also create a feeling of spaciousness at your workplace. White and gold is a perfect couple that never goes out of style. The added beauty of dark brown wood is just a bonus! Keep wall furniture to a minimum with a small dark brown shelf.

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