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Tips For Setting Up A Living Room: An Ultimate Guide
Living Room

Tips For Setting Up A Living Room: An Ultimate Guide

According to Vastu Shastra, the living room is an entrance door through which you can bring positive or negative energies into your home because the living room is always near the front door.

According to Vastu Vidya, the proper arrangement of the living room or hall helps bring prosperity, prosperity, and happiness.

A living room, which is essentially part of western architecture and also referred to as a salon or living room or salon or living room, is a space in a residential building or in an apartment or apartment to relax, be together and share moments.

To gain only positive energies for success and joy, you have to configure the decoration of your living room according to Vastus plans. Let’s take a look at Vastu’s helpful tips for the living room.

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Vastu Tips for Furnishing the Living Room

Place of Residence

If you want your room to filled with positivity, you need to choose your north, northwest, east, and northeast location. If not, you can select another option for the southeast or southwest. These places of residence bring prosperity and peace to your home.

Main Entrance

The front door always attracts guests’ attention before entering their seat. It would be best if you ever built the main gate to the north, northeast, or east. These instructions open the way to victory in your home.

TV and Southeast Direction

TV and Southeast Direction

One of the most beautiful Vastu Shastra ideas for the living room is to hold a TV facing southeast. The main reason for this location is the comfort you get when watching TV in the living room. Other than that, the rays of the morning sun give your body more energy.

Sofa Sets

Sofa Sets

No living room is complete without soft, velvety curved back sofas. At Vastu Shastra, there are also essential tips for the arrangement of sofas. It would be best if you placed the sofa sets on the north or east wall. The reason for this organization is that you can get bright sunshine from the east at home.

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Living Room Lighting

Living rooms should always brightly lit to bring positive energy into the house. If you want your family members and guests to feel happy, you need to light the room well. It is also an excellent idea to put large lamps and bright light bulbs in the living room.

Put AC in the West

As the temperature rises, air conditioning must install in your room. The west wall is the perfect position for installing air conditioning. During the summer season, the west side walls get hotter than other walls. Air conditioning keeps the balance at room temperature.


Your living room should always contain bold patterns, bright colors, and artistic designs. It is advisable to place a water source north or east of the room. You can choose between stone, clay, copper, or glass water wells as these materials pull the positivity in place.


aquarium tank

A fish aquarium is also an elegant element for the interior of your living room. Give peace and relaxation to see how colorful fish move in the water. The aquarium also improves the interior atmosphere. In Feng Shui, it also recommended choosing the fish aquarium for your drawing-room

Wall paintings

You have to be a bit picky when it comes to brightening up your living room. If you want your living room to be more attractive, you should choose beautiful colors. These include blue, white, green, or light yellow colors. Never use bright black or red colors as they distract your mind and attract negative energies.

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Royal flowers

Vastu Shastra suggests that you save real flowers and remove artificial ones from the salon. The main reason for selecting real flowers is that they emit positive energy, while artificial flowers attract negative energy.

Unravel the Drawing room

Bright lighting makes your living room more vivid and beautiful. Apart from that, you would also remove unnecessary things from the living room. Multiple tables and chairs at home increase stress and distraction. On the other hand, you feel relaxed with smaller and more appropriate furniture.

Avoid Round Furniture

The best furniture for the living room is rectangular or square furniture. Never choose round or round tables as they take up more space in the room. Besides, they cannot properly store the vase, other decorative items, and accessories.

Hanging Paintings

Hanging Paintings

Each room has exquisite paintings. They not only serve as home accessories but also embellish empty walls. When choosing pictures, you should choose those that evoke feelings of happiness, humor, and positivity. Avoid murals that show darkness, sadness, and negative emotions.

Put big Spider

A living-room without a chandelier looks Matt and colorless. You have to choose a southwestern direction to hang a large chandelier. However, a large chandelier does not mean that you should choose a large one. It can create an obstacle in the room.

Guest Seating Plan

According to Vastu’s advisers, the organization of the seats will play an essential role in serving the guests. It would be best if you always chose the southeast or northwest direction to organize the seats for the guests. These instructions increase mental relaxation and peace.


Curtains in Living Room

You can pick light or dark colors for the curtains in the livingroom. If you choose light curtains, you can hang them on the northeast side. On the other hand, you can select a southwest direction for dark curtains.

Reject Exposed Rays

Many homeowners love wooden beams, but Vastu Shastra experts advise avoiding them altogether. They annoy you instead of beautifying the livingroom. Instead of beams, you can choose a false ceiling or some ceiling work to highlight the livingroom.

Fire Place

One of the best Vastu tips for the livingroom is to keep the fireplace on the southeast side. This address symbolizes the location of the fire. Never install a fireplace in the northeast, as it already receives natural sunlight.

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