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Simple Shoulder Tattoos – Should I get a tattoo on My Shoulder?
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Simple Shoulder Tattoos – Should I get a tattoo on My Shoulder?

Getting a Shoulder tattoos is more than you think. You may now know a thing or two about them, and you probably know somebody who has a tattoo, specially in today’s world. Tattoos are more widespread than ever and have unprecedented acceptance.

Even if you know something about tattoos, we believe this tattoo tutorial and tips will help beginners prepare for their first tattoo.

If you want to get a tattoo, placement is just as important when choosing a design. The options are endless: the ankles, wrists, collarbones, and back are first, but the shoulder has become more popular with women in recent years. The shoulder is undoubtedly a charming place and the perfect canvas for creative works of art. Because the shoulder is rounded, a design that curves in shape works best. You can make yourself small or choose something more elaborate that extends down your back, arm, or chest. And shoulder tattoos have something else to offer: depending on the occasion, they can be hidden with clothing as quickly as on display.

Shoulder Tattoos

Shoulder Tattoos Basics

Shoulder tattoos are just as striking as wrist tattoos and are among the most sought after tattoo areas. Although it doesn’t look like it, the shoulders are a small area where you can get a tattoo. You can get both shoulder tattoos; You look exceptional in both. Shoulder tattoos can offer in a variety of sizes, from small to large. There is also a wide range of styles to navigate from tribal to watercolor to 3D. The most outstanding female tattoo for women are butterflies, flowers, and cherry buds.

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The Basics of a Shoulder Tattoo:

Tattoos Painting

The shoulder tattoo structures are famous and can change a lot depending on the style, technique, and desired result. You can choose a tattoo that has a religious meaning, e.g., B. Falling flowers. The shoulder area is marked from the flat bone of the shoulder at the back to the clavicle at the front. The shoulder provides a decent flat area that is ideal for tattoos and offers the artist a clean and well-characterized work area. These tattoos become sleeve tattoos to make a mixed tattoo. You can opt for a tattoo with distinctive shades or a tattoo with black ink.

Are Shoulder Tattoos Gender-Specific?

Gender Specific Tattoos

Some symbols are also gendered specific. Generally, women wear tattoos related to constitution or fertility. The “female” tattoo symbol in women contains flowers, butterflies or cherry blossoms, and so on.

Male tattoos mostly stand for quality, endurance, and masculinity. Men like to enrich the body with the symbol of victories and to position themselves in the social request. One of the people who want to show how extreme you are; A tattoo on your shoulder is the best place.

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Advantages of a Shoulder Tattoo:

The shoulder scene offers some benefits that other areas of the body do not offer in terms of tattoos:

  • The skin on the shoulder does not age or stretch like other skin.
  • Since most shirts secure the shoulder, tattoo colors are better preserved.
  • Follow-up care for shoulder tattoos is generally more comfortable than in different areas.

Do shoulder Tattoos Hurt?

Tattoos Hurts

Tattoos, made with fast-moving needles that embed ink in the second layer of skin. Because of this procedure, every tattoo has pain or restlessness. Due to the thick layer of fat and the smaller thickness of the nerve endings in the area, the shoulders are one of the least difficult to color spots.

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Shoulder Tattoo Locations

Tattoo Locations

Some areas in the body called shoulder conflicts. The shoulder to the point on the human body where the arm connected to the center. There are several areas on your shoulder where you can place your tattoos.

What do I need to know before I get a Tattoo?


It is important to know in advance to have an idea of ​​the design you want and where you want to place it, yes, but choosing your tattoo artist is the key to getting a tattoo that you will be satisfied with. Make sure the hotel looks clean, has good artwork on the walls, and the staff is cool. Then make an appointment with the artist to discuss the prices and any questions.

You can also (and should!) Request the artist’s state tattoo license to ensure that you have met the required requirements (for example, a course on the safety of blood-borne pathogens. Trust: Important). And if artists don’t wear disposable gloves and needles, run. Fast.

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Shoulder Tattoos are Flexible and Fun

There are many things you can achieve with a tattoo on your shoulder. The round design can consist of fish, stars, or various symbols. Red flowers can symbolize feelings. You can even have a picture of your favorite lover, in general with you.

If there is a possibility that your shoulder is where your tattoo begins, try your mixed tattoo. You can even get coordinated tattoos on both shoulders for a little symmetry. Regardless of the tattoo you choose, make sure it’s one you’ll always appreciate!

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