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8 Ways to Prevent a Car Accident

8 Ways to Prevent a Car Accident

Many car accident happen every year across the world Sand taking thousands of lives. Sadly, doesn’t matter how many safety features the automakers add to the cars, driving & riding in the car may always carry a certain level of injury and death. At times it is quite obvious things that will have the biggest impact. You know statistics, you have taken classes and you are ready to drive on road. However, what about the facts that say teen drivers are likely to have the accident?

Suppose you follow the common-sense steps, then you are taking the important steps of ensuring that you avoid the accident, or in case you are the victim of a car accident better to contact a professional Brooklyn accident lawyer.

1.     Go slow & safe for the starters

The fast-moving and high traffic volumes will make you feel a bit uncomfortable, thus avoid them till you get enough driving experience. After that, you can slowly introduce difficult car driving situations, such as highway driving, driving, and merging in the cities.

2.     Pull in traffic very slowly

Stay aware of the blind spots, which include those in the rearview mirrors or behind the windshield pillars and highway road signs. When at the intersection making the right-hand turn, you must look at both the directions twice before you go ahead. Vehicles will appear out of nowhere quickly, thus exercise caution when you are pulling in the busy intersection.

3.     Adjust Your Steering Wheel

Drivers must ensure that the steering wheel is rightly situated before they start an engine. The car accident lawyer says that the steering wheel must point toward their driver’s chest rather than the face. Many steering wheels have airbags that work best if they point toward their chest.

4.     Limit any kind of distractions

There are a lot of distractions in our lives nowadays. Make use of cell phone for texting, or fiddling with radio and GPS must be done when you’re at the complete stop and avoid altogether. You need to give all your attention on the road. A text message can rather wait and your friends & loved ones must understand you are driving & that your safety is very important.

5.     Windshield Damage

The chips & cracks to the vehicle windshields are the common car accident that a lot of drivers do not realize they will help prevent. Most of the windshield damage generally happens when the rocks & stones get thrown up in the air by the other vehicles. You can help to prevent the damage by keeping the distance from trucks and cars. Also, do not drive behind the snowplows when they are dropping salt and other granular substances. Certain pieces are big enough to cause chips & cracks.

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6.  Avoid nighttime driving

Doesn’t matter how perfect your eyes are, night driving can be difficult & comes with a higher risk of accidents. Not just is your visibility get reduced when it is dark, but drunk drivers also tend to come out on roads more during such time. Suppose you need to drive late hours, ensure you stay alert for reckless drivers.

7.     Underage drinking & drug use is completely illegal

Though you have consumed just one drink and smoked one joint, there’s a chemical effect on the brain that will impair your reaction and judgment time. Driving under influence of alcohol or drugs will cost you the license – or life.

8.     Keep the car in good condition

Stay updated with the car checkups just by taking them to the experienced technician. Also, do not drive on the old tires that can blowout any time, potentially causing the wreck.

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