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Which Beauty Products Can Make Your Skin Look Younger?

Which Beauty Products Can Make Your Skin Look Younger?

Skin Look Younger: The fountain of youth in a bottle? Is it really possible for over-the-counter skin care products to turn back the clock and leave you looking younger?

It is not a dream. There really are items that can help our skin be healthier, look better, and feel better. All we have to do is select the right ones from the right companies.

Beauty Products that can make your skin look younger

There are literally thousands of skin care products that allegedly will make your skin look younger. There are so many of these products that people get confused. You do not know which products to buy, which ones are really going to work? Which ones are just gimmicks?

People also know that good skin care products are normally priced pretty high, so you cannot afford to buy one and toss it away after just a couple of uses. Luckily there are cosmetics that do work to help your skin not only look younger but be healthier.

What to Look For

When you are searching for lotions, creams, or cosmetics that can help erase some of the ravages of time there are certain ingredients you should be looking for.

Alpha hydroxy acids

When you read the label of the item you are considering you may see AHA as an ingredient.

Some of the most common AHAs are:

  • Citric acids
  • Glycolic acid derived from sugar cane
  • Hydroxycaprylic that is gotten from animals
  • Hydroxycaproic that is derived from Royal jelly.
  • Malic acid derived from fruits
  • tartaric acid that comes from grapes

AHAs help make your skin look younger by:

  • they promote an increase in blood flow
  • they increase natural collagen production
  • they help to reduce the number of acne flare-ups and break-outs you experience
  • they brighten your skin which makes it look younger
  • they reduce the appearance of wrinkles and surface lines

These ingredients help to remove dead skin cells so you can reduce wrinkles and diminish age spots. Some of the itching associated with older skin will be relived when the dead skin cells are removed.


Believe it or not, there are vitamins out there that are highly beneficial in helping us maintain a youthful appearance. Some of these vitamins can even help us step back in time and bring back the youthful glow we once had.

You know that eating a healthy diet that is packed with vitamins will help you look younger and feel stronger. The vitamins we are talking about here are ones that are found in the creams, lotions, and serums that the cosmetic companies design.

You don’t have to eat any extra veggies and don’t eat your face cream. These ingredients are simply ones that when you see them listed on the container you know do have beneficial properties.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps you slough off the old skin cells that dull your skin, increase itching, and make you look older. Vitamin A also promotes the growth of new skin cells.

If a product says that it contains retinol then it contains Vitamin A because retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A. You will know that you are going to be getting all of the vitamins A benefits from that product.

Vitamin B3

This B vitamin will help to reduce inflammation and hydrate your skin. Hydrated skin looks younger and healthier, Hydrated skin also does not show the laugh lines and wrinkles that dehydrated skin does.

Vitamin B9

This B vitamin is going to help improve the texture of your skin. It will help you regain the smoothness of youth.

It also improves the texture by increasing the firmness of the skin. And it helps increase elasticity which reduces sagging.

Vitamin E

If you want to delay the development of wrinkles as long as possible then get products that have vitamin E in them.

Vitamin C

Collagen is one of the main things that help stop your skin from sagging and losing its elasticity. Vitamin C in your skincare products promotes collagen production. Vitamin C also helps skin to repair and recover from sun exposure damages.

If you are starting to see dark spots on your skin then you want to apply some vitamin C topically.

When you are reading product labels the presence of vitamin C may be listed as L-ascorbic acid, which is just vitamin C as a liquid.

Where to go and find products with all these beneficial ingredients?

All you have to do is visit Directsellerz and see the extensive list of direct sales skincare and cosmetic brands that contain all of the ingredients you need to look and feel your best. The greatest part about direct sales of cosmetics is you can purchase from them or you can start to sell them yourself.

It takes a little time to find the product that you are going to find the most beneficial. But you are well worth the investment.

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