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Top Digital Marketing Trends to help your start-up

Top Digital Marketing Trends to help your start-up

Digital marketing as a medium has evolved at a rapid rate over the last decade or so. Where most companies used invested in physical marketing, most have made the shift to focussing most of their marketing budget towards digital marketing.

It is therefore important that as a start-up you take advantage of the current trends in the digital marketing sector to propel your business to the next level. Below, we share current digital marketing tips to help your start-up grow.

1. Optimise your website for SEO

Gone are the days when a new business could ‘get away’ with having a very basic website. You should take time and invest in not only an attractive website that both engages users and tells them what you are about but is also SEO friendly.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of getting your website to rank highly in Google for key search terms that you have targeted, like the Ultimate Guide series published by FJP Investment. Not only should your website be coded correctly and have the relevant meta description, but blog posts should be created that are based on what people are searching for.

For example, if you are working in the finance tech industry, create engaging blog posts that answer common questions that people search for within this niche. Soon you will see traffic to your blog posts and subsequently your site. Trying to capture email addresses can then generate sales, or at the least retargeting previous users will help with your brand awareness.

2. Social media marketing

Much like advertising through search engines, paid ads through social media is still a great way to attract customers to your business.

The possibilities of whom you choose to target is essentially endless. From those that already follow you to specific targeted audiences that are on the network, creating attractive ads that look ‘natural’ in the feed continues to be a fantastic way to promote your brand

3. Look into push marketing

Ever noticed when on a web browser that you get notifications in the corner from various businesses? This is something that is growing in popularity in recent years and is known as push marketing.

Although you must be careful about how you implement this, targeting a relevant audience with a push notification is a great and cost-effective way to promote your product or service.

4. Influencer marketing is here to stay

The rise of social media has played a huge role in the way we advertise. As well as paid social media marketing, you can also leverage your brand through ‘influencers’.

Influencers are social media users that have grown a large following. Whether through Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or any other network, using influencers to promote your product or service is a great way to get it in front of a highly targeted audience.

The bigger the influencer, the more you can expect to pay for them to promote your brand. As a start-up, find smaller influencers in your sector that can give you a boost, building a relationship can reduce long-term costs.

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5. Create an app

You can find an app for almost anything now – most companies have an app they use to keep both existing customers engaged in your brand and attract new customers by advertising the install of your app.

When creating an app, be sure to give customers a reason to download the app and keep it on their device. From regular information updates through a blog to a client portal, an app needs to serve a purpose and not purely be an advertising tool. If the user keeps the app on their device, you have the benefit of ‘pushing’ an update on the user at optimal times.

6. Email marketing is not dead

As social media grew as a platform, most marketers assumed that email marketing would become redundant to not only communicate with your customers but also promote your product or service.

However, email marketing has remained a staple in any digital marketing campaign since its inception. For the most part, email marketing has remained consistent in promoting your brand.

The way an email is used to convert clients has adapted, however. Whilst previously a simple text email would have been enough, the email that you send now must look great and have an accurate way of tracking how the email is converting.

You will want to include a unique landing page that the customer will click on to see what email is converting better than others. You will also want to create an attractive HTML email, there are many online email builders that can help you here.

Digital marketing is always evolving. Whilst the principles of communicating your brand to a consumer remains the same, the ways in which you can reach those potential customers needs to regularly reviewed.

Review Top Digital Marketing Trends to help your start-up.

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