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Things to Look Out for When Shopping for Golf Sunglasses

Things to Look Out for When Shopping for Golf Sunglasses

Golf Sunglasses: Golf is a fun sport that allows you to bond with family and loved ones. However, every successful golfer will tell you that your accessions can make or ruin your experience. Sunglasses are worth mentioning and are some of the must-have essentials for all golfers. But, shopping for these devices can be daunting if unsure of what to look out for.

 Why acquire golf sunglasses?

Just like with other sporting activities, you need sunglasses for various reasons. Firstly, they guard your eyes against harsh UV rays, which can hurt your eyes. Sunglasses hinder dust and bugs from entering your eyes, leading to slips and injuries while playing.

What’s more, sunglasses improve your visual clarity and better color perception of objects near you. If you go for polarized sunglasses, you benefit more from their glare inhibiting abilities. The different types of polarized glasses at will allow you to play in the hot sun without glare or straining your eyes.

 What should I look for when shopping for golf sunglasses?

There are two essential aspects to consider when shopping for golf sunglasses. These are the frame and the lens; if you get this right, you can be sure of improved performance and a more enjoyable game.

1. Frame

The frame determines the grip, which is a critical aspect of golf sunglasses. With the right grip, your sunglasses remain optically aligned throughout the game. The common frames feature a rubber grip on the temples. This secures the frame and prevents movement as you play.

Moreover, the best frame is lightweight, which ensures player comfort. The best sunglasses should feature nylon or other light materials. These should be durable enough to minimize regular replacement, which can be costly.

What should I avoid?

Any pro golfer will advise you to avoid metal frames; they don’t last long are associated with much distraction. Go straight temples, they work well with hats, and you don’t have to keep adjusting since they stay in place.

The fit is also vital, and you want a pair of sunglasses that will offer optimal comfort. As mentioned earlier, go for rubberized temples and nose bridges. Consider choosing adjustable nose pads, they fit easier, and you can adjust them accordingly. Still, they fit excellently underneath the hat, just like with straight and slim temples.

2. Lens

The most crucial aspects are coverage, impact resistance, tint, coating, and polarization for the lens.

  • Coverage

The best sunglasses feature a full wrap; this blocks sunlight and offers optimal coverage. They protect you from all directions, and the frame comes with improved peripheral vision.

  • Impact-resistant material

Most professionals recommend polycarbonate or Trivex; these can withstand a hit in case you take the ball to your face.

  • Tint

Go for a pair with contrast-enhancing lenses like brown or amber. These colors will offer the desired contrast to ensure depth perception. The lens will enable you to read the greens with clarity.

A quick wrap up

There are different brands in the market but choosing quality sunglasses goes a long way. They will improve your visual clarity and enhance your performance. It’s also advisable to choose polarized golf sunglasses. They help avoid glare from direct sunlight or reflective surfaces.

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