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Long And Short Shag Haircuts To Try For A Complete Transformation
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Long And Short Shag Haircuts To Try For A Complete Transformation

Long and short shag haircuts add texture to your hair. They give you a messy and casual look, and you can choose from long to short styles depending on which rocks you the best. Some people like to wear a haircut with choppy ends and layers around the crown. For this group, shag haircuts will do.

Shag is not selective with hair types, textures, and length. However, do not wear too many layers because they make the style appear choppy and dated. Pay attention to the fringe because it is the main highlight of the shag style. If it is not done in the right way, the style will not be appealing. Below are some long and short shag haircuts you should give a shot.

1. A Classic Shag Cut

This is one of the most effortless shag styles to achieve and wear. The stylist adds some soft bends and parted curtain bangs. To make it perfect and pop better, they make the ends a little bit fluffy.

2. Fluffy Ends And A Semi-Parted Fringe

Among the different versions of shag is this style with curls and fluffy ends. According to LoveHairStyles, curls add body and soft texture to the hair and add some light to the style. However, your hair needs to have some volume for this style to come out perfectly.

Long And Short Shag Haircuts

3. Long Hair With Soft Waves Shag Style

If your hair is long, do not think of chopping it. You can dye it red or brown, depending on your taste. This adds elegance to the shaggy style. This is a straightforward style to achieve. Let the hair air-dry and spray it with sea spray.

4. Pseudo-Shag Cut

Shag cuts also work well when correctly done. Your stylist can give you a bob cut and blow-dry it perfectly, not leaving any hair out of place—style the hair in a mussy shag to make the style pop.

5. Pixie Shag

Your short hair can be styled for a shaggy mullet, which gets a softer finish. If it is too long and you want a pixie shag, ask the stylist to give it a chop. They can start from the front backward. Add some style to it with a side part

6. Long Shag With An Undercut

Shag haircuts with a side shave never go unnoticed. Your stylist will give you a fade side cut and leave the rest of the hair long. You can dye it to make the style pop. If you fancy volume, spray it.

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7. The ‘70s Shag

There were fewer hair products in the ‘70s, so you should not use many products on your hair if you want to achieve this style. Your hair should be soft and free, so you can afford gels. Get styling creams to give a medium hold.

8. Wash And Go Short Shag

This is the real short shag haircuts variation as far as shortness of shag is concerned. Having short hair is an advantage because you can wash and go. Shaggy hairstyle is also not discriminative with this length, but you can blow-dry or air-dry the hair. If you are scrunching, always start from below.

Long And Short Shag Haircuts

9. A Modern Shag

Tired of the traditional shags, a modern one can fit you best. This fits nicely on medium-length hair. You can add style to it by slightly bending the ends and tucking the hair behind your ears.

10. Relaxed Shag

A relaxed shag is another modern shag style. The style is sophisticated but very beautiful. It also suits medium-length hair. This look is here to stay.

11. Wavy short Shag haircuts

Wavy hair never disappoints, and this is also true with wavy shag style. Add brown, blonde or red color to the hair to make it pop more. You can also pair the style with a soft fringe.

12. Piece-Y Shag

If you are past your teens and 20’s you can still rock this shag hairstyle. The style is messy and casual, and it helps with face-framing. A smile will add great highlights to the hair.

13. Tapered Hair With Bangs

Senior women with grey hair can also showcase their natural color with shaggy styles. The long layers with bungs will make you look classy.

Review Long And Short Shag Haircuts To Try For A Complete Transformation.

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