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Hyderabad, Ramzan Season And the Famous Haleem from Saleem ki Haleem

Hyderabad, Ramzan Season And the Famous Haleem from Saleem ki Haleem

Hyderabadis are looking forward to the start of Ramzan, the holy month of fasting for Muslims around the world, for a special reason. The season for Hyderabadi Haleem is the city’s famous delicacy that Muslims eat at dusk to break their fast. The calorie-rich dish is usually eaten during dinner or iftar as it provides instant energy.

Haleem is a popular Asian and Middle Eastern food. Haleem has been around for centuries. And it is also known by some other names, Eg: Harees/Hareesa, Haleem. The origin of Haleem is unclear, but one thing is clear: Haleem is a Muslim dish that is common in the Muslim world.

Haleem is a star of Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Pakistani, Bengali and Indian cuisines. Haleem is considered to be the court of the holy months of Ramadan and Muharram of the Muslim Hijri calendar. The Haleem must have traveled with Muslims and made different versions to suit the tastes of the regions.

Haleem is made from meat (preferably beef or lamb), grains (wheat, barley, and rice), lentils, and butter. All ingredients are cooked together for 5 to 6 hours and chopped up well. There are several versions of Haleem from different regions.

Since the subcontinent is blessed with a decent selection of spices, Pakistani, Bengali, and Indian Haleem / Hareesa are very hot. Arabic food is generally light on spices, as is their rabbit / hareesa. How you eat Haleem also depends on the region. Some people will eat it directly with a spoon, and others eat it with bread (naan).

Saleem Ki Haleem: A Taste of Heaven on Your Plate

Saleem ki Haleem

Saleem-ki-Haleem has its own version of hareesa.

Saleem-ki-Haleem has its own version of haleem known as harees, is cooked with mutton, chicken meat, ghee, wheat, rice, and whole green pulses, spiced with garlic paste, black pepper, and salt. Haleem is topped off with ghee or olive oil, black pepper, fried onions, and Cashew Nuts.

For Hyderabadis, Haleem is synonymous with Ramzan. After saying the prayers in the evening, Muslims often visit their favorite hotels/restaurants, including Saleem-ki-Haleem from Hyderabad Spice, to enjoy this delicacy and break the fast. During Ramzan, people from other communities also come together to enjoy Haleem.

Saleem ki Haleem

Final words

Have you tried the fabulous Hyderabadi Saleem-ki-Haleem? If not, this is the perfect time. Hurry up and stop by one of these delicious Haleem restaurants in town before the month of Ramadan is over. Of course, some places will remain open during this season. Saleem ki Haleem from Hyderabad Spice at Lakdi-ka-pool sells traditional Haleem. However, this exquisite dish’s true flavor can only be experienced during the days of holy Ramadan.

I still think of the first time I tried Haleem – the perfectly cooked, spicy shredded chicken and lentil stew with lots of ghee! The Haleem spoon was melting in my mouth as its divine taste lingered on my taste buds for a long time. Since then, as Ramadan approached each year, he waited for the Haleem stores on the corner of town to open. And I think many others like me too.

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