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Fresh Juices: Benefits and Harms

Fresh Juices: Benefits and Harms

A healthy lifestyle has been in vogue for recent years, so people have started paying more attention to their nutrition. Various smoothies and fresh juices have become an invariable part of a healthy diet, especially when it comes to fitness bloggers. Well, it seems not that bad since they are tasty. However, there are a lot of disputes about whether fresh juices are useful or harmful. You can come across opposite opinions. Before we proceed to the benefits and potential dangers of fresh juices, it is worth deciding what exactly this drink represents. Liquids that you can find in a supermarket in paper or plastic packaging are not the case. It is worth remembering that these drinks are far from natural fresh juice. In the best case, you can buy a juice-containing liquid full of preservatives. Fresh juice is a drink extracted from fresh fruits, vegetables, and berries several minutes ago in front of your eyes. So, how much is it useful?

Fresh Juices: Benefits

Fresh Juices

When someone starts examining some topic, whether it is the feedback of professional academic writers or fresh juices’ properties, they always start with a positive side. It seems a brilliant idea since advantages often tip the scale.

1. Big Concentration of Vitamins

When you lead a healthy lifestyle, you are looking for products with an increased concentration of beneficial substances. And a fresh juice from berries, vegetables, fruits provides a person with the entire list of vitamins and bioactive substances contained in the original products. It recommends to drink the juice slowly and in small sips to absorb the nutrients better. Many fruits, tough ones, and almost all vegetables provide saturation, but they do not imply the complete digestion and absorption of all nutrients due to fibre. Many substances remain trapped in it, while the juice allows you to absorb all the vitamins.

2. Source of Energy

Fresh juice is a healthy and natural energy drink. So, after drinking a glass of chilled fresh fruit, berry, vegetable juice, you will have a festive mood, get a surge of energy, and increase your efficiency. Thus, you will be able to write my essay for me online much faster than usual. Natural sugars (fructose, sucrose), vitamins, fruit acids, and other useful substances affect serotonin production, strengthen the immune system, and improve well-being.

3. Personal Cure

Juice made from certain fruits, berries, vegetables, or a combination of fruits contains substances that your body may need now. When you experience a desire to drink a particular juice, your body may try to inform you about a shortage and an urgent need for certain substances. It may need this juice for healing or building a defence mechanism.

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4. Elixir of Youth and Beauty

Many fruits contain antioxidants, beneficial acids, and other substances that help preserve the skin’s elasticity, the strength of nails and hair. So, by regularly consuming your favourite juices, you can maintain your health. And it is almost impossible to be sick and beautiful. Of course, juice alone will not help completely recover, but it can help maintain your body and stay in a better mood.

5. Cleansing of the Body

Fresh drinks help cleanse the body, mainly if a person often eats heavy and solid food. Drinking fresh juices will restore the processes of the digestive system. That is why many people practice fasting days with fresh juices. Usually, people choose apple and carrot juices to cleanse the body

6. Blood-thinning

Some juices tend to thin the blood due to their high organic acid content. They recommend taking when you have increased body temperature caused by viruses and bacteria. Fresh juices are suitable for people with an increased risk of blood clots since the anions included in organic acids reduce blood clotting.

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Fresh Juices: Harms

Let’s consider the dark side of fresh juices and what harm they can bring. Well, any product has harmful properties, and even fresh juice can have adverse effects on the body.

1. Excess of Useful Vitamins

Do you remember the rule that everything must be in moderation? All nutrients should be in balance and acceptable doses. If their concentration increases dramatically, it can also lead to unpleasant consequences. Besides, one should mention the sense of proportion since it plays one of the key roles here. Even though it believes that you should drink fresh juices whenever you want, and as much as you want, you shouldn’t confuse the concepts of “I want” and “it seems I want.” It would help if you learned to listen to your body. A rare person wants to drink more than 1 litre of any liquid at a time. Therefore, when using any healthy products, you should rely not only on desires but also consider the sense of proportion. Thus, if you drink too many fresh juices, you may suffer from mild nausea and a feeling of oversaturation. Of course, this will not be beneficial, and the body will signal that it is time to stop.

2. High Sugar Content

Fresh juices have a high fructose content, and putrefactive microorganisms feed on everything that belongs to simple carbohydrates, including fructose, which gives them a breeding ground. It leads to an imbalance in the microflora when beneficial bacteria cannot cope with the harmful effects on the body. Thus, it is worth choosing fewer sweet juices. If you need to make the drink tastier, replace sugar.

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