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How to Style Vintage Fair Isle Sweater
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How to Style Vintage Fair Isle Sweater

Autumn has come over us, and this is accompanied by colder weather and the upcoming holiday season. In other words, it’s a sweater climate. The Fair Isle sweater is a standard that every gentleman or woman should have in his wardrobe: an ideal choice for nights at home, weekends with the family, or frankly for every day you want to add a little pattern.

The Fair Isle sweater is a knitted sweater that uses technology to create intricate multi-colored patterns. It is named after its island of the same name in northern Scotland. Designs usually consist of two to five colors, using two colors in each row so that they can be worked on when knitting in the round. Some techniques used today to create these patterns, but a real Fair Isle sweater is warm, cozy, and knitted of wool for colder days and nights.

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Fair Isle

It’s the holiday season, and that means pretty sweaters and patterns. A pattern that continues to appear in December is Fair Isle. Fair Isle sweaters are all the rage on cold December days and are great for giving your outfit a beautiful print.

Did you identify that the Fair Isle pattern named after a small island in the north of Scotland where this pattern created?

fashion Sweater

Since the fair is more of a cute pattern, accomplishing it can be a little confusing. If you generally don’t use a lot of prints, you might be wondering how to design that pattern in everyday life.

Read on to study how to wear a Fair Isle sweater and wear it for work or a party gathering.

Although you could use it to work with a tie, a Fair Isle sweater is best for more casual (or more casual) matters. A typical sweater, often seen in the popular media at the suburban father’s table, is excellent for putting on at home. Whether you wear it in a tie and corduroy pants for dinner on Sunday or in your better half on a winter outing, at least one or two Fair Isle sweaters are a significant investment.

Even though they are now available in different styles, the crew neck sweater is the most iconic. This Fair Isle is a traditional sweater and so versatile that it can combine with practically any leisure outfit imaginable. Whether it’s jeans, chinos, or shoelaces, it’s a stylish way to avoid the blazer at Christmas parties in favor of something much more comfortable.

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Styling Up a Fair Isle Sweater

In this outfit, I opted for a more elegant look rather than a “sweet” look.

For example, you could have combined this sweater with black tights and worn flat boots and loose braids for a more relaxed outfit, but wanted to do the opposite.

woman with a Sweater

Fair Isle Sweater Woman

With this Fair Isle sweater, I created a look that can be worn for a Christmas party or just at the office.

I combined the Fair Isle sweater with black shorts, metallic pumps, a gray hat and a bright red bag. Silver metallic pumps go well with the gray hat and sweater. Black pants and a red pocket match the colors of the Fair Isle sweater.

The color coordination gives the look cohesion. The shorts, in combination with the longer sweater, ensure a balanced look. Overall, the outfit works due to the colors and balance. Do you remember the 5-step checklist to look stylish every day? If not, I suggest you get a 5-point update.

You could have worn this sweater with a swinging short skirt or black midi skirt for a more feminine outfit.

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There are a number of traditional brands that offer these sleek sweaters that you don’t have to worry about losing shape, falling apart, or worse, having patterns or gaps in the fabric.

We don’t recommend an “ugly sweater,” but there are plenty of party-inspired Fair Isles that are sure to impress during the season. Patterns like a jacquard or even animals like moose trotting on the chest can quickly become subjects when worn with red, white, and green color palettes.

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