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How do Brow Lamination Kits Actually Work? 
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How do Brow Lamination Kits Actually Work? 

Laminated brows are very much on-trend right now and are sometimes referred to as the ‘brushed-up’ brow trend. If you haven’t come across the term, brow lamination is a chemical-based treatment that you can use to restructure your hairs into a sleek, styled shape. After laminating your brows, you no longer need to worry about unruly hairs shooting off in every direction. The lamination trend has been big over the course of the past twelve months, and it’s not likely to get any less popular. Below, we look at everything you need to know about Brow Lamination kits and introduce a popular product from EyebrowQueen.

An on-trend kit for an on-trend style

EyebrowQueen’s Pro-Lift Up Kit is a tried and trusted lamination kit that will save you from heading to the beauty salon. The kit enables you to create brushed up eyebrows from home that will stay fluffy and in shape for longer. The lamination process is gentle, separating stubborn hairs into a more desirable position. Depending on how quickly your brow hairs grow, EyebrowQueen’s kit is good for between four and twelve weeks. It also breaks down the bonds in your eyebrows and is perfect for straightening curly hair. Overall, it’s just the kit you need if you’re planning to laminate your eyebrows from home.

Is brow lamination a good idea?

While brow lamination is suitable for anyone, people with thicker brows tend to see the best results. If you’re not used to treating your own eyebrows, it’s probably best to head to the salon, as the results can be disastrous if you get things wrong. Also, if your brows are weak or damaged, or you have sensitive skin, you probably shouldn’t opt for brow lamination. EyebrowQueen’s kit is perfect for people who have laminated their brows in the past but can’t (or don’t want to) travel to the salon. So, if you fit the bill, below are the steps you need to follow to laminate your brows the right way.

How to use a brow lamination kit 

  1. Apply the cream sparingly onto clean eyebrows using a micro brush. You should leave it to sit for no more than five minutes.
  2. Using a cotton bud, remove the product in an upward motion.
  3. Add the second instalment of cream using the same micro brush and brush your hairs into the desired position. Leave the cream again for a further five minutes.
  4. Remove with a cotton pad.
  5. Brush Pro-Lift Essence into your brows.

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Top tips for using a brow lamination kit:

  1. Don’t over-brush the hairs, as it can cause the follicles to break. Instead, brush them upwards carefully and leave the cream for at least three minutes before drying.
  2. Use only a small amount of product to cover the hairs.
  3. Use a timer to check how long you leave the cream on for. Over-processing your brows can lead to damage or breakage.
  4. If you notice breakage before the timer is up (anytime between 3-5 minutes), remove the cream immediately.
  5. After lamination, nourish your brows with a brow serum.
  6. You might notice that your hairs are a little unruly after the lamination process, so you might need to gently brush them into place each morning.

You’re now all set to work on your brows and achieve that glamorous laminated look that you’ve always dreamed of.

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