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Difference Between a Gemstone Engagement Ring and a Wedding Ring

Difference Between a Gemstone Engagement Ring and a Wedding Ring

Wedding rings and engagement rings are both important symbols of your love. The difference between them is that one represents your eternal commitment to each other, while the other is a token of your promise to marry.

An engagement ring is given during a proposal from a man to a woman, while a wedding ring shows that you’re married. An engagement ring features a gemstone and diamond, while wedding rings only have one precious stone or metal. There are also differences in how each type of ring is worn: Engagement rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, while wedding rings are worn on the same finger as the engagement ring but go on top of it in most Western countries.

Some people like both rings; others prefer only one. Some wear them differently depending on where they live—in some cultures both partners wear their wedding rings (and maybe an engagement ring too) whereas others have specific rules about which partner wears what—in some cases, it depends on whether they were married under civil law or religious law.

Find below the key differences between the two:

Differences in Design

An engagement ring typically features a gemstone like a Green Emerald Stone, ruby, sapphire, or diamond. It’s the first piece of jewelry that you’ll wear together as a couple, so it needs to be something that you’re both happy with and can wear for years to come.

On the other hand, a wedding band is a plain band, gold or platinum, that you’ll wear on your left hand. It’s typically worn next to your engagement ring but can also be worn alone or with other rings. The wedding ring is usually plain and simple, but there are a lot of options for you to choose from.

These can range from the classic gold band to a platinum or silver one—or even an alternative material like white gold or titanium. You might also have elements such as emeralds or engravings on your wedding band that say something special about your relationship.

Engagement rings can be in a wide variety of styles, from simple bands to more ornate designs with different stones and settings. Some are simple solitaires that have just one stone, while others feature multiple gemstones or a classic piece like a square-cut emerald surrounded by a band of diamonds.

Differences in Timing

The second difference between engagement and wedding rings is when you buy them. An engagement ring is traditionally given by a man to his fiancée as a promise of marriage, although some couples do give each other both rings at the same time. Wedding bands are usually purchased after the couple has already gotten engaged but before they get married.

The tradition of giving an engagement ring has been around for centuries, with the first recorded instance in ancient Rome. The custom was adopted by British royalty in the 12th century and spread throughout Europe. Today, it’s common for a man to give his fiancée a diamond solitaire or gemstone-encrusted engagement ring when proposing.

Where Do You Wear Them?

An engagement ring is traditionally worn on the left hand, as it’s a sign that you’ve taken it and are not available for anyone else. Wedding bands are usually worn on both hands, although some people prefer to wear them on the right hand instead or only put one on if they have multiple rings.

The wedding ring is worn on the same finger as the engagement ring but goes on top of it in most Western countries. However, some people choose to wear their wedding rings on their right hand instead, according to personal preference or tradition.

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Should You Wear Both?

It’s up to you whether or not you want to wear both rings. Many people do, but others prefer to wear just one or have their wedding bands on the right hand instead of the left. There isn’t a right answer to this question—it all depends on your personal preferences and how much meaning each ring carries for you.

If you’re unsure, it can be helpful to think about why you chose your engagement ring in the first place. If it was because of tradition or an important family heirloom, then wearing both rings may make sense. On the other hand, if you bought an engagement ring because it spoke to something personal about yourself—like a favorite color or design style—then wearing just one ring makes more sense.

How to Shop for an Engagement Ring and a Wedding Band

If you’re planning to buy both a wedding band and an engagement ring, they must match in style and size. You don’t want one ring to be too small or large compared to the other because it can look strange and make your jewelry appear disjointed.

If you have any questions about sizing, ask the jeweler ahead of time so they can find a setting that will fit both rings perfectly.

Also, find a seller like GemPundit that understands the difference between these two rings. An engagement ring is typically more ornate and often contains gemstones like a green emerald gemstone, while a wedding band is simpler in design and features precious metals like gold or platinum.


If you’re looking for a way to show your love and commitment, an engagement ring and wedding band are the perfect pair. Whether you buy them as a set or separately, they are sure to be treasured for years to come. And there’s nothing quite like an emerald gemstone. It’s vibrant, beautiful, and unique—making it the perfect choice for an engagement ring or a wedding band.


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