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A Perfect Checklist For Your Next Salon Visit
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A Perfect Checklist For Your Next Salon Visit

Salon hygiene is generally separated into three parts that include the equipment and products employed (we’d include the salon in this category too) and the services offered and the stylists themselves. On the other hand, the most obvious signs of a soiled salon include:

  • Products that are not sanitized and equipment that has been used for a long
  • Untidy service
  • Ungroomed professional

There are some things you need to be aware of every time you go to the salon or while booking for a Salon at home services in Delhi/NCR

Unsanitized Equipment & Products

Are the Combs & Brushes Sanitized?

Are the combs & brushes sanitized?

Dandruff is a fast-moving issue and lice can travel quicker. Itchy scalp is a frequently reported complaint. In most beauty parlors or salons, hairdressers don’t take time to clean the brushes and combs or even scissors before beginning working on their next client. Be sure the comb used for your hairstyle or haircut is straight from the sterilizer and not into the stylist’s bag holster.

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Are towels & Other Garments Clean?

What is it that makes my stomach churn? Tissues that have stains on them. It doesn’t matter if they are persistent hair dyes or henna staining (which is the explanation you’ll likely get upon asking the personnel at the salon) If it’s not clean, don’t use it. It’s the same for the clothes provided for face and body waxing.

Are Mani-Pedi Tools Sterilized?

Are mani-pedi tools sterilized?

The easiest method of sterilizing tools for manicure and pedicure such as nail clippers cuticle pushers, filers, and orange sticks is to soak them for 3 to 5 mins in a mixture comprising the antiseptic fluid (Dettol, Savlon, etc.) and water. The ideal scenario is to have this performed just prior to when your appointment begins. This easy step can help prevent nail fungus as well in other viral and bacterial infections of the nail.

Is The Working Area Clean?

Are the floors swept after a haircut? Have your counters cleaned? Are the cabin beds clean? The clean and sparkling floors, the tidy counters, and sparkling chairs and beds are indicators of a salon that is well-managed which provides its customers with outstanding service.

Usable Products

Utilizing expired products could result in reactions to your skin and hair and especially in facial products. Be sure to ensure that the product you are using isn’t close to the expiration date instead of rushing to write it off as if it was suitable for your needs or not.

Unkempt Professionals

Unsanitized Hands

Actually like other salon equipment, hands can convey disease from one individual to another. These can go from basic breakouts to genuine skin contaminations. Ensure that your cosmetologist either cleans up with cured cleanser or utilizes a hand sanitizer, particularly in case you are getting a facial.

Bad Breath

Bad Breath

It can cause irritation when the person bent over and threaded your eyebrows leaves a bad smell. The worst part is that you have no way to fix it, other than to leave your feedback on the review section of their website and you can ask for another beautician next time.

Untidy Service

A messy beauty experience usually involves spillage. The majority of beauticians are generous in the usage of talcum powder enough that you’ll be able to find sheets of white covering you, your clothes (in the event of half legs or arms services). It’s difficult to clean off. Sometimes, in a hurry, they sometimes release (hot) wax, too. Also, there’s the issue of old wax strips lying around that can stick to clothing and skin.

Swagmee Ultimate Salon At Home Hygiene Checklist

We are aware of the concerns that our clients face regarding the quality of service at the salon and hygiene. This is the reason we created this Swagmee Salon at home Hygiene Checklist.

We guarantee:

  • Products that are single-use: All of our items are new and are only used once. The items are removed from their packaging in direct view of customers and utilized for a single session. Our sheets and clothing are of single-use as well.
  • Sanitized Equipment: Our beauticians disinfect every piece of equipment with an antiseptic before using it.
  • Mess-free Service & Clean up: Our beauticians are very careful to provide you with a clean service. They also clean up the area before they leave.
  • Well-Groomed Professionals: Our beauticians are expected to be dressed in a professional manner and groomed in accordance with Swagmee’s standards for professional grooming. They are required to use surgical masks for the time of the appointment.


  1. What hygiene measures are they taking?
  2. The safety of their clients is our topmost priority, they follow all the WHO recommended guidelines.
  3. What all brands do they use for a beauty treatment?
  4. They have partnered with some great beauty care brands such as O3+, Cheryl, Sea Soul, Sara, and more. You don’t need to worry about the quality of products.
  5. How do I book an appointment?
  6. Visit their website, select the service you want, and choose the preferred date & time slot.
  7. What services do they offer?
  8. They offer beauty services that will cater to all your beauty care needs. To name a few they have waxing, threading, mani & Pedi, facial & cleanup, pre-bridal grooming, and many more.

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Review A Perfect Checklist For Your Next Salon Visit.

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