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Widest Selection, Bulk Purchase Options, Worldwide Shipping Options Through World’s Largest Zippers Seller

Widest Selection, Bulk Purchase Options, Worldwide Shipping Options Through World’s Largest Zippers Seller

Originally invented in 1913, zippers are important components to different garments. This might sound like a very insignificant part of a puzzle but the truth is that it is what keeps clothes on. In fact, zippers can easily make or break any garment.  As you can see, it is important to know the different choices available out there so you can choose the most suitable one for your specific design.


A zipper can be separating or non-separating. A non-separating zipper or also called closed-end is attache at the tip and once completely unzipped, it doesn’t come apart like the zippers used on backpack closures. On the other hand, separating zippers can come apart and separate the two elements of the garment such as those zip-off pant legs that used to be popular back in the days.

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Zippers come in different sizes and styles that could be divided into four primary categories:

  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Nylon or coil
  • Invisible that is still technically a nylon coil zipper yet deserves a special mention because of its functionality and unique design

Each of these categories differs in terms of suitability, function and quality so always choose wisely.

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The gauge refers to the size of the chain teeth’s width. There are a few things to remember when it comes to zipper gauges:

  • When you work with zippers, you will normally hear #5, #4, #3, and others. It directly refers to the zipper gauge as the number determines the size. When the number is higher, it means that the teeth are thicker.
  • The most common gauges are #5 or #3 but there are also gauges that can go as much as #20 made for those looking for thick zippers.


How will you identify a zipper’s size? This is actually very simple. All you have to do is check the zipper pull. The number of the zipper size can be found at the zipper pull of the sample you want.


It is easy to place an order for readily available zipper stock. Just make sure that you will get the right lengths for all sizes. To make sure that the zippers you order will match the fabric’s body, you can order DTM dyed to match. Just remember that order times might vary, specifically when they custom length or dyed to match so practice patience or better yet, order ahead of time.

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Other Pointers about Zips

  • To help you save time, make sure you also pick from those zipper lengths that are already in stock.
  • Invisible zippers are not as strong in stress point compared to other zippers so always use these for parts of the garment where less strength is required like the half zip on a sweater’s neck.

Without a doubt, zippers are vital components to the process of developing apparels and garments. Always be wise when shopping for your zippers and check the type of garment you are working on and what will be connected.

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Review Widest Selection, Bulk Purchase Options, Worldwide Shipping Options Through World’s Largest Zippers Seller.

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