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Your Ultimate Guide to Buy Princess Cut Diamond Rings

Your Ultimate Guide to Buy Princess Cut Diamond Rings

Princess Cut Diamond Rings: A diamond’s shine comes primarily from the quality of its cut. Whether you are looking for a perfect diamond engagement ring or simply brushing up your knowledge, knowing the difference between the different types of diamond engagement ring cut and shape is important.

As the most popular fancy diamond shape, the princess cut diamond brings a modern, classic look to diamond jewelry. Ideally, princess cut diamond shape comes in square or rectangular cut, usually having 57 to 58 facets. This cut is considered the second most popular diamond shape, after the round cut diamond.

If the cut is perfectly performed, a princess cut diamond can be completely symmetrical in shape and allows the most amount of light to enter the stone compared to other types of diamond cuts. The view from the bottom or side of a princess cut diamond shows it to be a pyramid shape with bevelled sides that join together.

Princess Cut Diamond Cost

Princess cuts are generally priced lower per carat than other brilliant cuts.Princess cut diamond shapes are less expensive than round-cut diamonds. This is because princess cuts are easiest to cut from the rough, and leave the least waste whereas, cutting a round cut diamond would lose a lot more rough.

To make a princess cut diamond stone, it should be a case of slicing the rough into two pieces. This means that princess cut rings typically cost around 30% less than a round cut of the same carat weight.

Princess Cut Brilliance

Another element to consider when looking for princess cut diamonds is assessing the brilliance of the stone. This refers to the level of white light return and pattern of contrast which is generated by the diamond. As princess cut diamonds are known for allowing the most light to enter when compared to other types of cut, it is important to assess the brilliance level in your diamond. A stone with a strong amount of white light and contrast pattern is considered more aesthetically attractive to the naked eye as a stone with patches of light but light leakages can give the diamond a grey overtone.

Princess Cut Diamond Rings

Diamond Settings

Princess cut diamond rings are often mounted as solitaries in four-prong settings, however, bezel settings are also a popular choice. These particular setting choices are great as they will help protect the corners of the stone from chipping.

Diamond Cut

The cut of the diamond is highly important when looking for a princess cut because that is what will bring out the most sparkle in the stone. Unlike the round brilliant cut, there is no set expectation for what a princess cut should look like. Princess cuts can differ by the pattern on the crown as well as the number of cuts on the pavilion.

The crown of a princess — the part on the diamond that faces up when you look at it can have either french corners or bezel corners.Since bezel corners are more durable, stick to this design unless you have a strong preference for french corners.

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Depth Percentage

When a diamond is cut too shallow or too deep, the light that enters the stone doesn’t properly reflect back to your eye. When looking for a princess cut, limit the depth percentage to 65-75%.

Length-to-Width Ratio

For a square princess cut, stick to length-to-width ratios (L/W) of 1.05 and below. Above 1.05, the diamond appears off-shape.


Princess-cut diamonds, like other fancy shapes, show color more than a round cut diamond. Still, there is no reason to pay extra for the top color grades. Though there is a slight difference in color, it is impossible to notice unless you are looking at the diamonds side-by-side.

Princess Cut Diamond Rings

When it comes to buying diamond ring on a budget, the princess cut is the right choice for the perfect balance of beauty and cost. This is because the brilliance and fire exhibited by a well-cut princess diamond can help mask inclusions and hide body color. As a result, you can go low on color and clarity grades without seeing any differences.

Final Thoughts on Princess Cut Diamond Rings

The princess diamond cut makes a bold statement. Princess Cut Diamond Rings offer a unique look for people who would like to stand out from the crowd. The right setting can improve the aesthetic beauty of the engagement ring and also provides support to protect the princess cut diamond.

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