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Why Tudor watches are a worthy investment

Why Tudor watches are a worthy investment

Tudor watches: If you’ve been privileged to be around for decades and are a watch enthusiast, you know that Tudor has stood under the shadow of the big sister Rolex. With the release of its heritage line, the little sister has grounded herself firmly on the hierological world. The rebirth of Tudor is a perfect representative of what Tudor does at her best.

When it comes to design, Tudor watches are incredibly well-made, and they come with in-house movements. The fact that they are stylish and match the purpose has made this incredibly popular. It’s enjoying its popularity in the collection and as well vintage models.

Why is Tudor famous?

The success of this famous watch can be traced back to 2012 after the brand’s re-launching in North America. After some rocky period, the watch experienced Tudor went back to its roots to draw inspiration from the vintage models. Perhaps the main reason for the popularity is because of the price. You get more of Rolex at a lower price, and thus, so many people who can’t afford the Rolex have an option in Tudor.

Does the watch retain value?

If you’ve doubts in Tudor on whether it’s a good investment or not, you probably want to know if you want to know if it will hold value after you purchase. Some pieces will diminish in price over time, yes but not at a faster pace.

Following his will determine whether it holds its value.

Supply and demand

The scarcity principle is one main factor that determines the rise and the fall of Tudor watch value. That means the item is in short supply and therefore in high demand – more people are willing to pay more. If more people are interested in the pieces, the price moves up further.

For this reason, hard-to-find watches are highly-priced. The manufacturing process of Tudor, just like Rolex, is quite an intricate one, which means the production is less and thus doesn’t satisfy the market. Everything is assembled in-house and hand-made and hence the reason for the high price. If you want to invest in this type of watch, the starting price is a bit high, and that’s so great for a beginning.

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The market price

The watch’s market price is another crucial consideration to make. The price is in two forms; retail price and second-hand market price. If the price of the second hand is closer to the retail price of the original, then the price is stable. While the two do not pay attention to one another, sometimes, a retailer may be forced to adjust, so the price reflects the market’s mood. If the market views the price to be too high, as a retailer, you must think of offering discounts, or you could face the wealth of holding too much stock.


All watches are not equal, and Tudor is not an exception. Tudor is famous, but it has not yet scaled the dizzy heights of the Rolex watch collection. All you need to do is seek the popular varieties of Tudor because they retain their value the most.

If you’re in the watch business, the first thing you need to do is do some good research on the available brands in the market. Tudor watches are pretty profitable and therefore worthy of consideration.

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