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Why Silicone Rings Have Become So Popular For Active People

Why Silicone Rings Have Become So Popular For Active People

For a long time, metal has been the standard for wedding rings, and other rings that

represent significance.  Silicone rings have been around for sometime, but are increasing in popularity. They weigh so little, that sometimes you forget that you are wearing them.  They are made from high quality material that allows good air flow and keeps moisture out.  This way your ring will not keep you from doing your job or being active.

Silicone Rings are Safer

There are many professions where wearing a metal ring can be unsafe.  Professions where people are working with their hands like a welder, mechanic, construction worker, or heavy equipment operators could snag their ring on something and tear up their finger or hand.  There are other professions like a police officer or doctors and nurses that could likely wear a metal ring, but a silicone ring still has less risk of catching on something, therefore making it safer to wear.

Types of Injuries

It’s not something you think about everyday, but there are a few different ways to become injured when wearing a metal ring.  One way is the ring catches on something and can catch and tear part of your finger.  This is probably the most common thing that you might think about.  An electrician could have a different issue by conducting electricity with a metal ring. This is why wearing a silicone ring can be good for people in higher risk professions.

Silicone Rings are Stylish

Silicone rings are made for men and women, and come in an anti-stretch technology, so they do not get caught on things.  There are many colors and designs.  There can even be licensed material that can be added to a ring, such as team licensing such as NFL or NCAA.  Rings can be any color with many different designs. There can be turtles or abalone designs, or even a basic pearl white.  There can be stackable type rings and rings that are engraved.  And, there are styles that are masculine and feminine, so there is something for everyone.

Design a Custom Silicone Ring

If there is not a style that strikes your fancy, you can always design your own silicone ring the way you like it.  The ways you can express yourself are limitless.  You can make your silicone ring custom by engraving text, or any kind of monogram or symbol.  You can choose size, color, and how you want it to personalize it to your specification.

Silicone Rings are Comfortable

Silicone rings are very comfortable, and often people find them more comfortable than a metal ring.  They are soft, flexible, and breathable.  They fit your finger and there is less risk of them falling off. That in itself gives the wearer a better comfort level, just knowing they will not lose their ring. Silicone rings are a great way to stay comfortable and have confidence that you will not lose your ring or be injured by it.  The ways to express yourself are endless.

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