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What Kind of T-shirts Should You Give Away at Sports Events?
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What Kind of T-shirts Should You Give Away at Sports Events?

When you attend a game, some people like to buy souvenirs. Whether it’s something small like a baseball card or something more expensive like an autographed ball, many of people enjoy buying some memorabilia that reminds them of their favorite team.

However, some don’t want anything physical; they want to be part of the moment. That’s why you should consider giving t-shirts away during a game to your fans.

According to reports, the global custom t-shirt printing market was valued at $3.64 billion in 2020.

Here are the best types of wholesale t-shirts for clubs and sports teams.

1) Premium T-shirts for Sports Fans

There are different shirts out there, but not all of them are stitched to last through the wear and tear that happens when you’re cheering on your favourite team.

If you want something long-lasting while remaining soft, premium shirts for sports fans are a great option. They use high-quality construction that lasts longer and is less likely to fade or lose shape.

Premium shirts aren’t always the cheapest, but they’re worth it because they’ll last through more washes than regular shirts. Plus, you can print designs with bolder colors without worrying about fading. That means your design will pop for a long time, even after you take it off.

2) Hoodies for the Game

Hoodie sales have been rising over the years because they’re warm and comfortable to wear during cold weather. You can also use them as a casual jacket or outerwear when it’s not as cold outside.

So, if you want to make fans feel more comfortable during the game, give away hoodies. They’ll love wearing it to stay warm while they cheer on their favourite team. Plus, your design is sure to pop on a dark-coloured shirt (especially if you add any glow-in-the-dark elements).

3) T-Shirts for Kids

Kids love wearing shirts that have their favorite team’s logo on them. That’s why you should consider giving away t-shirts for kids at your next game. You can even design a shirt with some of the team’s colors to make it more fun and playful.

4) Event Shirts for Everyone

If you’re doing a special event at the game, givin away event t-shirts to all the attendees is an excellent idea. You can look for wholesale t-shirts for clubs and sports teams online to get the best deals on bulk orders.

5)  Custom T-Shirts for the Players

Customized t-shirts are a great gift to give away to players. If you want your team members to wear something representing your brand or business, then custom t-shirts could be just what you’re looking for.

You can choose from innumerable styles and colors to give your team the exact look you’re going for.

That way, your players will proudly wear your brand throughout the game and help promote it to their fans. Plus, they’ll talk about how much they love wearing such great shirts, which means more exposure for you.

6) T-Shirts for Volunteers

If you need volunteers to help with your game, then you can give away t-shirts to them as well. Of course, when you’re choosing shirts to give to volunteers, you need to make sure they’re designed for comfort and convenience.

It is important to find the best quality t-shirts for your sporting event.

7) Custom Tees for the Fans

Your fans are your biggest supporters. So, it’s only fitting to give them t-shirts that they’ll love wearing long after the game has ended. Just make sure you create a shirt design with their favourite team (or maybe even yours) so they feel more connected to the event. It’ll keep all of your attendees looking unified and allow everyone to spot their friends in a crowd immediately.

If you’re looking for a way to make the game more fun, then give away t-shirts to your fans. Then give them glow-in-the-dark shirts if you want to make the event feel like even more of a party.

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Final Thoughts

T-shirts can be an essential part of your sports event. After all, they’re a great way to show all the fans who you are and what you’re about.

So, before you give away t-shirts at your next game, consider what type of people will be attending the event. That way, you can choose shirts best suited for your audience.

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