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What is Asian Rhinoplasty?

What is Asian Rhinoplasty?

Asian Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure designed to enhance a patient’s nose of Asian ethnicity. 

The differences in our human anatomic structure have always been one of the biggest causes of new medical procedures and surgical advances. One has been caused by our racial and ethnic diversity within plastic surgery. 

Suitable and specialized techniques have been necessary to serve patients of different ethnicities better. Hence the invention of Asian Rhinoplasty derived from typical Rhinoplasty.

What Is The Difference Between Traditional Rhinoplasty And Asian Rhinoplasty?

Asian facial structures required such an approach where standard practices like Rhinoplasty (most commonly known as a “Nose Job”) had to be re-established and renamed to Asian Rhinoplasty. Asian Rhinoplasty caters to the level of caution & detail Asian skeletal anatomy requires. 

A change as little as a single millimeter within the nasal appearance would easily be noticeable. Something the patients of other racial descent don’t have to be as cautious of in comparison to common rhinoplasties. 

Reasons to undergo surgery may include adjusting the bridge or tip or narrowing the entire nose. These are often motivated by quality-of-life reasons like removing breathing issues or aesthetic reasons like improving symmetry.

What Is The Surgical Procedure Of The Asian Nose Job?

After scheduling a consultation with the chosen clinic and surgeon, many essential factors will be discussed that will focus on all the possible options and risks. Ultimately gathering all the details needed to determine whether going for it would be the best of options or not. Some of the factors discussed are:

  • Goals and Expectations: Elaborating on the reasons and motivations behind choosing the operation will help prioritize the best options available. In other cases, if unrealistic expectations are expressed due to what a rhinoplasty can offer, the patient may either be rejected or offered other alternatives that may not necessarily be a rhinoplasty operation.
  • Medical History: Certain medical history details like past nasal surgeries, regulation on a particular medication, or bleeding disorders may also contribute to the decision to proceed with the operation.
  • Physical Examination: At this preliminary stage, conducting a physical exam is also expected. The doctor will require blood tests and any other lab work it may include within the complete checkup. 

Facial structure and features are also tested; this will help to determine the exact details that need to be changed. It will include skin thickness and cartilage strength on the nasal tip. 

The examination is also meant to estimate the impact of the Rhinoplasty on the patient’s quality of life, for example, potential breathing problems.

  • 3D Models: A 3D model is constructed via computer software to accurately estimate future results, representing the patient’s current facial state alongside post-operation results. 

These steps create a unanimous understanding of the final stage, managing the overall expectations for you and your doctor.

Expected Costs of Asian Rhinoplasty

If you are already wondering how much the procedure would cost, it is only fair to assume that you are considering it seriously now. When searching for a qualified surgeon to perform the needed operation, it is vital to find an experienced doctor. 

 It is important to note that whoever you contact should be fully transparent about their facilities, costs, and any other inquiries you feel necessary. 

Choosing a surgeon simply because they can offer low prices may end with undesired results. It is most efficient to consider all your available options. Some of the examples available worldwide starting from the lowest average costs:

  • Turkey (2500 – 4000 EUR): Rhinoplasty in Turkey has been a primary choice for many patients from different locations. Europe, the USA, and the Middle East have been frequenting clinics throughout Turkey for their cost-effective services and location conveniences on other occasions. 
  • Korea (3200 EUR): Plastic surgeries, in general, has been very popular within South Korea, especially in Asian Rhinoplasties, which averages around 3200 EUR. Most would consider doing the surgery there a safe, tried, and true option.
  • UK (6100 EUR): The United Kingdom offers some of the highest prices for plastic surgeries. Researching and contrasting it with other countries may seem like it could be more cost-effective. 

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However, it might be a good idea for those who live there due to travel and accommodation charges being above budget in some comparisons.

The multiple medical techniques and non-surgical options make it much less intimidating for anyone considering the procedure, regardless of body structure, ethnicity, or age.

To understand more about the rhinoplasty procedure in Turkey, you can compare clinic prices, surgeons, and reviews with the guidance of professional health experts with Flymedi

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What is Asian Rhinoplasty?

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