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What is a Personal Style and How to Find Yours

What is a Personal Style and How to Find Yours

Some people very clearly have a distinct personal style.Those who can pull off the confidence to wear whatever they want and still look good are people many look to for inspiration. Clothing and other visual elements say a lot about a person, and having a distinctive style is a great way to convey your creativity and the way you see the world.

What is the Difference Between a Personal Style and Being On Trend?

Fashion is an art form and industry that is constantly changing and reflecting back on itself to create something new. While fashion and style are connected, they are not the same. Some people are interested in following fashion to spot trends and use them in their looks. Having a personal style may include pieces from a trend; however, it relies more on the wearer’s preferences than outside influence.

What Do You Gravitate Towards Most Often?

Deciding to discover your personal style is easier said than done. However, there are ways to approach this that can make it simpler. Start by looking at the clothes you already own and distinguishing between items you wear all the time and items you’ve nearly forgotten about. Do you find a way to incorporate your women’s cowboy boots into almost every outfit? Are you known for always wearing your iconic green sweatshirt? Sometimes, it can go under the radar when you have pieces in your wardrobe that hint at your personal style already. Take the time to sift through and find these gems, as they can help to point you in the direction of finding your ultimate style.Consider selling or donating the clothes you don’t wear anymore to limit the impact of the fast fashion industry.

What Are Your Style Priorities?

Your style can be influenced by a whole variety of needs. How much you value comfort, practicality, flair, and uniqueness all play a part in how you choose what to wear. Take note of what you value about your most-worn clothes and remember these qualities when searching for new pieces.

What Are the Practical Necessities of Your Clothes?

What you wear is often impacted by external factors, such as where you work, what the weather is usually like where you live, and how often you participate in certain activities, such as fitness or travel. It can be satisfying to introduce elements of your personal style into every area of your life by dressing both appropriately and according to your tastes. If your routine rarely calls for you to dress formally, don’t waste money trying to find something suitable to wear to an office or event. Consider what you need your clothes for before applying your style to the situation.

How Would You Like People to Describe Your Style?

What words would you like people to think of when they see your outfits? Chic, edgy, cool, innovative? By having these considerations in mind, you can point your search for a personal style in more fruitful directions.

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Review What is a Personal Style and How to Find Yours.

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