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Wardrobe Essentials for Men: Denim Jeans

Wardrobe Essentials for Men: Denim Jeans

Denim Jeans: In adult fashion, there had been instances where jeans were not so in. There were times jeans were considered immature and sloppy. Nate Marks wrote an article on in 2017 that jeans are regaining their foothold in the fashion industry. In fact, in several professional avenues, jeans are making the trend. Professionals are getting fashionable, creative, and casual yet comfortable.

In any denim store, you would discover shelves of jeans in different styles that would fit various people, generations, and preferences. There are skater jeans, skinny jeans, cigarette jeans, faded jeans, low rise jeans, you name it. Jeans are probably the most flexible clothing item you could find. That being said, jeans are indeed wardrobe essentials. Men and women cannot have a closet without jeans. It is like a basic clothing need.

The rage for denim shifts every twenty years. For example, low-rise jeans were trendy for a time, but they did not go trendy for a long time. Now, low-rise jeans are considered old-fashioned. Nowadays, fresh styles are arising, and people are repopularizing old styles of jeans. These are all because of the influences of culture and society.

Here’s a little history about jeans. Jeans emerged in the mid-1800s. Denim trousers were comfortable and practical wear for different professions like miners. In the 1920s-1930s, jeans were still the work attire during the time, especially for labourers, miners, and even cowboys. In these years, Levi Strauss was the first to be given a patent for blue jeans. It was also during these years that the model for the cover of Vogue was wearing denim. Thus, jeans were not only considered practical and work clothing during that time, but also a fashion favourite. In the 1950s, actors featured jeans in their movies, especially boxy jeans. These jeans were considered sophisticated for that time being. In the 1960s, blue jeans were all the rage, especially the low-rise jeans and bellbottoms. It was a time of showing youthfulness through these jeans. Denim jackets also made their way to the scene. Not only that, these pieces of denim were adorned with patches and other decors to heighten the fashion value. In the 1970s, slim-fitting jeans and denim skirts were the thing. These jeans showcased wholesomeness. In the 1980s, designer pieces of denim surfaced. You have the ever-popular Calvin Klein, among others. Youngsters of this generation preferred acid wash, stonewash, and ripped jeans. In the 1990s, hip-hop strongly influenced big and baggy jeans. Ripped jeans and denim overalls were also groovy. In the 2000s, the ultra low-rise jeans, flare, and bootcut jeans were heavily influenced by pop icons such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. This time, new brands emerged and made it to the mainstream. Among them are Hudson Jeans and Citizens of Humanity. In the 2010s, they recycled classic jean styles like overalls, rompers, and jumpsuits. Skinny jeans have also become widely popular, and it is used on many different occasions or even on regular days. Lastly, we have the latest trends of pieces of denim/jeans.

Denim jeans are flexible and durable. They are considered a wardrobe essential for men. With the limitless options, these are some of the denim styles essential for men.

First, we have mid-blue stretch denim jeans. These jeans are also called vintage wash jeans. They look great in combination with tee shirts, sneakers, and sometimes hoodies. If you are going for casual wear, this is your jean-to-go. If you are going for a smart-casual appearance, you can tweak the simple short with a button-down and footwear, preferably boots.

Second, we have classic dark blue jeans. The great thing about this pair of jeans is you can pair it up with almost anything to fit the occasion you are heading. It never goes out of style, especially the slim-fit ones. Another advantage of the classic dark blue jeans is, it suits anybody, regardless of size, height, or gender. There are specific styles of these pairs of jeans to go for depending on the person’s stature. For example, bulkier men, look good in tapered leg fit.

Third, ripped jeans. For a laid-back, informal yet cool look, go for ripped jeans. Combine ripped jeans with a man good sneaker, white tee shirt, and leather jacket (you could probably imagine the boy referred to in Taylor Swift’s song “Style”). This style “never goes out of style” according to Taylor.

Fourth, the black denim jeans. If you do not have a pair of dark blue jeans, then go for this. This pair of jeans can be casual or formal, depending on what you pair them with and depending on the occasion. But whatever pairings you go for, these jeans will always make you look sophisticated.

The most important things to consider are, the jeans must fit your body effortlessly. If you wear the wrong fit of jeans, it might make you look older than you truly are. The right fit of jeans makes you either look your age or look younger. It should also be perfect fitting on your waist, not too long, and the pockets are not too low-slung.

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