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Top 6 Things That Keep You From Feeling Free
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Top 6 Things That Keep You From Feeling Free

Feeling Free: Everything seems fine, but you feel like you’re backed into a corner. Here are 10 things to get out of your life that will make it easier and more pleasant.

Striving for Perfection 

Forget about doing everything either perfectly or not at all. This is a direct path to neurosis. Allow yourself sometimes to do just fine and have no remorse about it. Allow yourself to be perfectly beautiful sometimes, and sometimes beautifully imperfect. That’s our beauty. Just always do the best you can and all that depends on you, and it isn’t a problem if it’s perfect not 100%, but 75%.

The Need to Be Productive 

If you have had the attitude since childhood that being idle is a sin, that the best rest is a change of activity, and that doing nothing is just not something you can allow yourself, then you are headed for a nervous breakdown.

Get yourself used to the fact that sometimes you don’t may, but even must do nothing. Of course, sometimes you need to lie on the couch, just staring at the ceiling. Sometimes you need to sleep in until dinner, or even stay in bed into the evening. In some cases, it’s better to play slots online or watch Netflix series than working. Without these breaks, your nervous system runs the risk of just waving goodbye and drifting off in some unknown direction.

Criticising Yourself

“I’m a klutz”, “Only I could screw up so badly” – and other statements that would offend your friend, you somehow allow in relation to themselves?

Stop it! How can other people begin to respect you if you don’t respect yourself?

Accept your value and broadcast it to others. You will get what you think you deserve. So learn to feel that you are worthy of everything in the world. Believe in it and treat yourself as if it has already come true.

Did you do something imperfectly? Don’t scold yourself, but praise yourself for doing it well. That’s what your inner child is waiting for.

Judging Others

What triggers you in other people is a reason to think about what you lack or what you don’t accept in yourself.

Get annoyed about your friend’s love of brands, you probably also want to have them, but you won’t admit it to yourself.

Annoyed with the ostentatiousness of an acquaintance – perhaps you prohibit yourself from acting like that, so it hurts you.

Work on yourself, and you will lose the desire to evaluate other people because their life will cease to be more interesting for you than your own.

Living in Hope for the Future

Asking the question, “When I grow up, I’m going to be…” – is appropriate for a child. An adult person lives in the present, looks into the future and relies on past experiences, but he lives in the present and enjoys what is happening in his/her life now, not sometimes there.

Don’t wait until the weekend to live, live now. Choose a job where you don’t kill yourself, but live by working. Don’t wait for holidays to get your nails and hair done – get it done always and regularly, you deserve it. Don’t wait for vacations to wear your best clothes – live each day as a special day, and then it will be.

Trying to Be in Control

Just accept the fact that even though a lot of things in this life are up to you, you can’t control everything. Sometimes the universe leads us in ways that are not always obvious to us. Just understand and trust the world, and it won’t let you down. Believe that everything works out perfectly for you to pass your lessons in life and move on to the next level. Notice the signs and act on them. Life really is simple.

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