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Tips To Organize an Environmentally Friendly Wedding
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Tips To Organize an Environmentally Friendly Wedding

There are many possibilities for hosting an eco-friendly wedding. You may go green for your wedding in a variety of ways, whether it’s with the décor, invitations, or favors. The best thing about these weddings is that every choice, no matter how small, matters. Simply substituting dried flower confetti for party poppers will significantly improve the environment and make your wedding more eco-friendly.

Even though it has occasionally been said that weddings are wasteful in several ways, this is not always the case. To reduce wedding trash or your event’s carbon footprint, there are several various eco-friendly wedding decisions you can make. Considering that several of these notions are interrelated, it is evident that you cannot do each and every one of them.

Many of these concepts may seem to have little impact, while others may seem obvious. But over time, when you add up several tiny choices, the cumulative effects are greater. It has a ripple effect if you make thoughtful decisions about your wedding every step of the way. We are all working to do our bit to protect the environment, and no action is too little.

Some of the most effective and realistic strategies to have an eco-friendly wedding are listed below:

· Reusable Decoration

You can begin by creating a checklist and determining how to include sustainability in every aspect of your life. Using sustainable materials for your wedding decorations, such as cane and jute, is one of the very straightforward suggestions. Furthermore, you might creatively repurpose decorative items for your numerous wedding activities.

•_Reusable Decoration

· Marriage invitations

E-invites are a viable alternative to printed wedding invitations if you want to prevent the constant wastage of plastic and paper that comes with them. Indians are becoming accustomed to the practice of email and Whatsapp invitations, and digital Indian Wedding Invitations are no longer considered casual invitations. The design possibilities for e-invite templates are virtually limitless, and you can often create them for free on some websites, which saves you a significant amount of money.

However, there is an environmentally friendly option if you still want to use printed invitations, use seed paper invites. These invitations are made of degradable paper that contains seeds that can subsequently be sown in the ground.

· Use Of Plants Instead Of Flowers

Another easy option to have a “greener” wedding is to use plants rather than flowers.  Plants are a valuable option as decoration for weddings. Although floral decorations are lovely, there is a lot of waste associated with them. Engaging a local nursery where you can hire plants is an easy method to integrate plants into your wedding. In this approach, you’re assisting the expansion of a nearby company. Following the ceremony, you could give the plants to your attendees, take some with you to decorate your new home, or donate the plants to nearby schools, gardens, or other organizations.

· Flowers That Are Artificial

Numerous factors have contributed to the increase in the usage of artificial flowers recently. Switching real floral bouquets for fake ones is an easy way to integrate sustainable wedding decoration into your big day. Additionally, choose fabric petals to sprinkle on the pair rather than genuine flowers. Additionally, instead of utilizing actual flowers, you may up your eco-friendly design game by choosing faux flower varmalas. Choose artificial flowers over real ones because they are more affordable and great for reuse in the future.

· Carefully Manage Food Waste

Weddings result in significant food waste. However, you may donate it to an NGO rather than just throwing it away.  There are numerous groups that gladly take surplus food from wedding venues and serve it to the less fortunate. Your caterer will need to make the necessary packing arrangements, so talk about this with them in advance.

· Plan A Daytime Wedding

A daytime wedding is the most environmentally friendly choice because nighttime celebrations necessitate heavy electricity usage and fuel-powered generators. For daytime outdoor events, there is no artificial lighting present. It will again enable you to save a significant amount of money and electricity if continued in favorable weather, i.e., outside of the summer.


· Utilize The Venue Space As Much As Possible

Making the most of the wedding location is another approach to avoid harming the environment, particularly if it is being hosted outside. If your venue has a large tree, dress it up with unusual decorations or utilize it for a mandap or a backdrop for pictures. Utilizing the venue’s features as part of the design is a wonderful eco-friendly decorating option.

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