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The Office Professional Style Guide for Men

The Office Professional Style Guide for Men

Perhaps you’re new to the office setting or you simply wish you switch up your day-to-day look. Dressing as a business professional is as simple as putting on a suit, shirt, tie, and shoes, but this can make the options seem far too broad. Similarly, it can be very easy for everyone to look the same if everyone is wearing a suit, meaning fashion enthusiasts may feel as though they lose a bit of their individuality through their business attire. Detailed below is the office professional style guide for men that enables you to perfectly tread the balance between individuality and professionalism.

Statement Accessories

One of the easiest ways to make your business attire your own is by incorporating statement accessories such as luxury cufflinks or quality tie clips. Since these are quite subtle accessories, you can take it that one step further when it comes to experimentation. This makes accessories very important for anyone who wears a uniform to their office; although you may be required to wear the same shirt and trousers, day in, day out, you can incorporate your own personal flair via the right accessories. This is also a great way of adding color to your ensembles, as professional attire can be rather monotone.

A Quality Suit

The definition of a suit is a set of garments that are cut from the same cloth, and they must consist of at least a pair of pants and a jacket. Despite this, some people opt for a three-piece suit, which includes a waistcoat within the ensemble. Typically speaking, a three-piece suit is reserved for more formal occasions, meaning that a two-piece is usually worn to the office. Every adult man must have a suit in his closet, but the professional man, who’s required to wear them five days a week, should have at least three. Navy is the most flexible color to have as it sits between dark and light shades, making it easy to pair with all manner of accessories.

A Button-Up Collared Shirt

Of course, you can’t just wear a jacket and pants, meaning you’ll need a button-up collared shirt to sit underneath your jacket. As a rule of thumb, you can’t go wrong with white, meaning you should have at least five white shirts in your wardrobe. Just make sure that you don’t wash these shirts with any other colors as they will soon change into a light grey, which doesn’t give off the same clean-cut vibe. Additionally, your shirts should always be ironed or pressed to maintain a crisp appearance; even if you iron nothing else, your shirts are a necessity.

A Collection of Ties

Your tie is what will ultimately differentiate your outfit from the day before, so it’s a good idea for the professional man to have at least two ties so he can alternate each day. Despite this, the most fashion-forward of professional men will have a collection of ties, ready for all manner of occasions. Make sure whenever you wear a tie, you conceal the collar, as this will make your ensemble look clean and finished.

Professional Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are the final component to any suit; however, this doesn’t make them any less important. A brown leather brogue is the most traditional shoe of choice, and it’s not hard to see why. The design is timeless and boasts professionalism. Despite this, if you’re not a brogue-wearing man, you might consider some loafers or even a pair of Chelsea boots. Regardless of which you select, you’ve got to wear them with confidence.

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