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The Latest (and Coolest) Trends in Wearable Technology

The Latest (and Coolest) Trends in Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology: Technology has been developing faster in recent years and it is already possible to wear it – think for a second about Fitbit. But the innovations don’t stop there. Here are the latest and coolest gadgets and trends in the wearable technology field.

Smart Rings

With different styles and sizes, wearable technology can be fitted to suit everyone’s style. Smart rings allow you to receive messages and notifications, offer payment options, and can even lock and unlock your car. They come with long-lasting batteries, so you don’t have to worry about charging them.

Smart Watches

Fitbit combined with a watch gives you a smartwatch. These wearable devices can be a great indicator of your overall health, as they track movement, puls, and heart rate. They can even remind you to stretch from time to time when you have been sitting too long.

For those interested in keeping the smart classical look of a wristwatch, it is possible to buy a smartwatch strap that transforms any watch into a smartwatch. This will open a whole new market for them.

Smart Glasses

Remember all those spy movies from the 2000s when they would use glasses with micro cameras? Now that is becoming a reality. Smart glasses are being introduced with similar capabilities. This wearable tech will allow you to film short clips, take photos, and even play music and make phone calls.

Smart Clothes

These new items of clothing that are being tested can turn gym hoodies for men or women’s jackets into wearable technology that measures bodily functions. They will reportedly be able to warn you if something is wrong.

But not only that, but the tech can also connect to your phone and play music, control the volume, make phone calls, and even give you instructions. Talk about cycling and navigation without having to make a stop and look at the map!

Radiation-free Boxers

The wireless tech is great. It allows you more movability and flexibility. It also emits radiation which can severely decrease men’s fertility.

To help men stay healthy and be able to reproduce, new smart boxers are being introduced to the market. They look elegant and protect you from harmful waves. So you can surf the internet all you want with this wearable technology.

Smart Swimwear

During swimming, a piece of smart swimwear can replace your Fitbit. It is waterproof and can be stored in a swimsuit, swim caps, or goggles. You don’t need to activate it manually, it activates automatically when you swim. It keeps track of your performance in the swimming pool, so you can see the potential for improvement.

Smart Swimwear


New VR Solutions

Virtual reality is looking more real every day. And the newest developments are bringing it to a completely different level.

New Dating Experience

Those scenes from Black Mirror where dating happens in a virtual setting might be coming to life soon. The virtual socializing platform vTime allows its users to put on a VR headset and socialize in a setting of their choosing. This may be the new dating scene in the world.

As technology becomes more sophisticated, so do our gadgets. Wearable technology can help in everyday life, with multitasking, and even has the ability to save lives by alerting you when your body metrics aren’t perfect. It remains to be seen where the new wearable technology developments will lead us.

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