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The 2022 Guide to Beauty Salon Shop Fittings
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The 2022 Guide to Beauty Salon Shop Fittings

Nearly every beauty salon has a display of its signature or affiliated products that are used when clients patronise their services. A client might be in the salon chair getting pampered and like the scent of the shampoo being used at the time and ask what product it came from.

If your salon is outfitted with stylish shop fittings to display products, it’s easy for the cosmetologist to turn and grab the bottle of shampoo for them to see. It may encourage them to make a purchase. ADP Store offers a variety of shop fittings to efficiently display products in your store or beauty salon.

For a larger selection of products, you will need shop fittings to accommodate a large display. You might not need units as large as supermarket-style shelving (though ADP does carry those), but a “4-Way Wine Merchandising Display” would probably accommodate most salon products while also keeping them organized and visible on an appealing display. The shelving is adjustable to any height you might need and also includes sharp-looking black pegboard back panels should you have products that could be on a hanging display.

Should you have some wall space available to display products, ADP Store also carries Slatwall shop fittings in various colours that will go with any colour scheme, including but not limited to black, white, and a selection of natural wood tones for salons with a more earthy vibe.

Like to keep some of your products a bit more secure and protected? Custom glass display cases are also available. They allow you to keep more valuable items under lock and key. These shop fittings are sleek and attractive and make their contents seem even more high quality and exclusive. Both your employees and your customers can easily see what’s available in a well-lit and timeless display.

No matter what your beauty salon shop fitting needs, display your products in a way that makes them attractive to your clients. Your customers are all the more likely to make a product purchase if they can browse what is available on a stylish display, so invest in quality shop fittings.

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