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Spray Tan Tips All Fans Should Know

Spray Tan Tips All Fans Should Know

People do love a good suntan but not everyone has time to lay on the beach or by the pool all day getting one direct from the sun. Spray tans have become a very viable alternative nowadays, with Australian made professional spray tan helping to lead the market in quality. Whether you’re a veteran spray tan fan or a newcomer, there are some great bits of advice that you should all know before you get your next spray tan.

Tip 1: Exfoliate Before Your Session

Dry or flaky skin can be a problem for a tan, so before your session is due, be sure to properly exfoliate your skin to remove any and all dry/dead skin, leaving just fresh, smooth skin that will get the tan coating. Hands, arms, and legs should be the primary targets since that’s where most people get a lot of dry skin. The other area is the face, which obviously matters a lot when spray tanning since it’s your body’s chief focal point.

Wash, scrub, and exfoliate before your session and you won’t have any issues with dry skin.

Tip 2: Hair In, Ears Out

The place where you get your spray tan done should provide you with a hair net to cover your hair during the spray. Take care to make sure that all your hair is covered, but that your ears remain outside of the hair net. Many people make this mistake on the first occasion or so of getting a professional spray tan.

Tip 3: Pre-Tan Shaving

If you like to shave before you get a tan, which many do since they feel it gives them the smoothest obstacle-free skin that the tan can bond with, and that makes sense. The trick, however, is knowing how long before your appointment you should shave so that you firstly can be sure that no hair will grow back, and secondly, so you can avoid any potential irritation on your skin. It’s a fine balance for some, especially men whose body hair can grow much faster than women.

The best solution is to shave about 4-5 hours before your appointment. So if you make an appointment for 11:00 am, be sure to finish your shaving no later than 7:00 am.

Tip 4: Go Nude for the Best Results

If you don’t feel comfortable going nude for your spray tan, it’s alright, but if you want the absolute best and more comprehensive results, then nude is the way to do it. If you do want to wear something like a bathing suit, then be sure that it’s one you don’t mind getting stained by the spray tan.

Tip 5: Spray Tan is Not Sunscreen

Some spray-tan virgins and newcomers erroneously believe that spray tans contain SPF and therefore they are getting UV protection for their skin. This is simply not the case. If you’re going from your spray tan to the outdoors for any extended period of time, then remember to put on sunscreen. The best kind of sunscreen for post-tan protection is a paraben-free formula.

Tip 6: Using Moisturiser

If you moisturise daily, and you have an upcoming appointment with the spray tanning place, then you should be sure to time it so that your last moisturising is at least 12 hours (but hopefully more) before your next tanning session. Furthermore, is the moisturiser you use oil-free? If not, switch to one that is because ones with oil content can negatively impact the quality of your tan’s colour finish.

Hopefully these tips will help you to enjoy better tans every time!

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