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5 Simple ways To Relieve Stress And Anxiety

5 Simple ways To Relieve Stress And Anxiety

It’s Fundamental To Your Health To Fight Stress

Relieve Stress And Anxiety: Did you know stress can knock years off your lifespan? There are some clues out there. Have you ever seen those people who live to the ripe old age of 98, pass on, and some landlord or close associate said: “Yep, I knew the smoking and drinking would get him eventually…”

Okay, that’s a bit of a joke, but you get it: some people live very long and it seems they shouldn’t. Why is that? There are a number of reasons, one of the chiefest being attitude.

You can’t control what happens, you can’t control where you’re born, and it’s debatable whether you can really control when you punch your ticket—there’s that story about the man who drank poison, tied a rope around his neck, put a pistol to his head, and jumped off a bridge. His bullet cut the rope, when he hit the water he puked up the poison, and he only died of hypothermia later on.

The story is likely fiction, but it’s conceivable, and here’s the point: we really can’t control what goes on around us. We can control how we react to it, and that will be the lion’s share of stress or lack thereof. Accordingly, for stress relief, here are five simple things you can do to cut down such negative emotions, and by extension, their negative effect on your health.

  1. Exercise However Is Most Convenient

    Exercise releases endorphins and represents “good stress”. Bad stress will reduce your lifespan, good stress will expand it. Think of it this way: you may lose weight owing to depression—that’s “bad stress”; you’re depriving your body, mind, and whatever metaphysical energies define you. Exercise will help you lose weight as well, but in a healthy way.

Relieve Stress And Anxiety: Telomerase is a substance that binds your DNA together, stress erodes it, as it erodes you age faster. Meanwhile, proper exercise facilitates good stress which actually strengthens your body from the genetic level.

Endorphins released in the blood reduce the negative impacts of depressing thoughts—you’re happier when you exercise. Accordingly, you’re less anxious, less stressed, more healthy, and more likely to have an extended lifespan overall.

  1. Diet: Avoid Anything Synthetic
    Oreos, donuts, ice cream, potato chips, and candy—these aren’t healthy. Junk food is full of sugars that have been processed, saturated fats, synthetic “foodstuffs”, and other things. Here’s a good rule of thumb: if it’s not organic, don’t eat it. If you put it on a shelf and it won’t go bad, it’s got something chemical in it that’s unhealthy.

Relieve Stress And Anxiety: Foodstuffs just sit around your body, or they facilitate a response at the organic level that can be toxic. Avoid “margarine” at all costs. Butter is better, though more fattening; just meter your intake. Healthier food will increase longevity, and it will collaterally reduce stress and anxiety.

  1. Psychological: Sometimes Relaxing Substances Are Key
    There is a health aspect to using substances like cannabis to relax. Anyone who gets high with any regularity understands about the short-term memory issues tied up in cannabis usage. Weed makes you forget things in the short term, essentially. What does this mean? Well, it indicates a few things—one of them being that you can’t ruminate on certain subjects.

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Relieve Stress And Anxiety: One of the things in life that stresses you out the most is going around and around in your head about certain things. A little marijuana and some Pink Floyd on the couch can help you totally forget those things for a little while. What most people struggle with is how to ingest this substance in the most comfortable way—solutions like the Me Time Box can help with that.

  1. Beauty And Humor: Catharsis Can Come From Art
    The Greek term “Catharsis” essentially means “emotional release”. A lot of stress and anxiety come from emotions that need to be let out one way or another. Transitively, you can do that through comedies, dramas, adventure yarns, or artistic representations meant to move you at a core emotional level. One way to relieve stress is to dive into some good art for a while.

    Relieve Stress And Anxiety
  2. Focusing Your Mind On That Which Is Good
    Did you know your thoughts can shave years off your life? Negative thoughts make you live less, positive thoughts tend to extend your lifespan. Part of the reason for this is a sort of metaphysical expression of epigenetic processes. Essentially, work out and get muscle, play in the sun and get tanned.

Think on ugliness and adopt it into yourself, think positively on beauty and see the same thing happen. In your core being, as you think, so you become—according to science. So think about good things, and avoid anxious, stressful subject matter as best you can. Certainly, sometimes you can’t. But you can definitely keep yourself from unnecessarily ruminating.

Getting Over The Stress, Getting Into The Peace
Learn how to “de-stress”. Thinking about the right things, taking in artistic subject matter, relaxing with a little recreational marijuana, eating the right foods, and exercising regularly—all these things represent fine, recommendable ways of managing stress and anxiety. Mix and match from this list to find methods best representing your situation.

Review 5 Simple ways To Relieve Stress And Anxiety.

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