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Laser Treatment For Piles Is Good Or Bad?

Laser Treatment For Piles Is Good Or Bad?

Piles are also known as haemorrhoids. This is a collection of tissues which are swollen and inflamed. And They grow in the anal region. Piles vary in size and can find inside or outside the anus. Prevalence of piles is estimated to be between 50-80% around the world, and in India, 75% population estimates to get affected by this painful disease. Piles develop when the tissues that protect the anal region get inflamed and the anal passage becomes thin, stretched and irritated when you pass stool.

Causes Of Piles

It not yet known that what causes the veins around the anus to swell and bulge. But there are some common factors which contribute to an increased risk of suffering from piles. Below are the following:-

  • Stress
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Anal Intercourse
  • Chronic Diarrhea
  • Less Fluid Intake
  • Lack Of Fiber Diet
  • Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Chronic Constipation
  • Lifting Heavy Weights
  • Previous Bowel Surgery
  • Straining During Bowel Movement

Symptoms Of Piles

In most of the cases, the symptoms of piles are not severe in their initial stage. Usually, they resolve on their own after a few days. In a chance of suffering from piles, you may experience the following symptoms:-

  • Swelling
  • Intense Itching
  • Leakage Of Stool
  • Pain Around Anus
  • Lump Around Anus
  • Irritation Around Anus
  • Painful Bowel Movement
  • Bleeding During or After Bowel Movements

Piles Can Escape Into More Severe Conditions which include:-

  • Anal Fistula
  • Excessive Anal Bleeding
  • Strangulated Hemorrhoids
  • Infection In & Around Anal Region
  • Excessive Bleeding In Stool Leading To Anemia
  • Faecal Incontinence or No Control Bowel Movement

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Laser Treatment For Piles

There are several ways of treating piles, but laser treatment for piles considered to be the most effective and permanent treatment of piles. It cures piles permanently. Below are the advantages that prove laser treatment for piles is absolutely right.

Mild or No Pain

Pain is the first thing that comes to the minds of the people when they hear the word ‘surgery’. Laser treatment is one of the best surgical treatments for piles, which causes mild or almost no pain. Earlier, piles surgery was dreaded by most of the patients due to the amount of pain it caused. But laser surgery causes mild or almost no pain because it does not create any sparks, steam or smoke. Laser surgery is absolutely painless and safe to undergo.

Minimal Bleeding

Laser surgery is also known as the bloodless surgical procedure for not involving much bleeding. During the surgical procedure, the doctor seals of the blood vessels and tissues, which causes minimal bleeding during the whole treatment procedure. Also, the surrounding tissues left intact during piles of laser surgery. The advantage of minimal bleeding offers laser treatment a clear edge over traditional or open surgery.

Quick Treatment

Laser treatment performed on an outpatient basis at a hospital or clinic. Usually, patients discharged after a few hours of their surgery. The surgery takes around 30-40 minutes to complete. You can even resume your daily life activities two days after the surgery. However, alternate methods of treatment might take 1-2 months to heal completely. The quick surgical procedure makes laser surgery a better choice.

Quick Discharge

For everyone, staying at the hospital after surgery is not a pleasurable experience. What if we say that you can go to your home in just an hour or so post your surgery. Piles of laser surgery is a daycare procedure where you do not need to stay at the hospital for an entire day or night. In most of the cases, patients discharge within an hour after completion of the surgical procedure. This helps the patient feel relieved as well as reduces the cost of staying overnight at the hospital.

Quick Recovery

The recovery is speedy and comfortable after piles of laser treatment. You will be ready to go back to your routine after just two days of rest. You would also be fit to walk out of the hospital on the day of the surgery after resting for a few hours. Since there is minimal pain and bleeding, the recovery process becomes a lot easier and quicker.

Easier Procedure

Performing laser surgery is a lot easier than performing a traditional or open surgery. Because the surgeon has more control over the process during laser treatment. Also, the amount of effort that the surgeon needs to put in is a lot lesser. The results are always better when the work of a surgeon is made more accessible. Compared to any other treatment options, laser surgery for piles is the easiest and safest treatment.

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Disadvantages Of Piles Laser Surgery

As a flip side of every coin, there are few cons for laser treatment as well. And there are very few disadvantages of undergoing laser treatment for piles.

Expensive Treatment

Laser surgery for piles costs more than traditional piles surgery. Because the equipment required to perform laser surgery is costly, this makes it quite tricky for many clinics and hospitals to afford it. Also, due to this, finding the right clinic or hospital may be tough.

May Cause Fire

In rare cases, the surgical equipment caught fire during the procedure. Usually, this does not happen; it could occur due to a manufacturing defect or if the equipment is not well-maintained or operated properly. When the doctor does not know how to use the equipment, damages can take place. Hence, you need to know and make sure that the surgeon performing the surgery is well experienced and highly skilled in laser treatments.

Laser Treatment For Piles At Pristyn Care

Piles surgery performed almost everywhere in India. But to get modern and advanced treatment for piles, it is essential to choose the right team and set up. A well-equipped clinic or hospital with a team of highly experienced and skilled surgeons play a vital role in successful piles surgery. Not just this, but all these must be available at a very reasonable price too. Pristyn Care offers all of these in one single package.

Several factors decide the cost of the pile’s laser surgery:-

  • The severity of the disease
  • Availability of skilled medical team and experts
  • Diagnosis and medicines before and after surgery
  • Which surgery do (Open, Banding, Stapling or Laser)
  • Hospitalizations (Number of days you stay in the hospital post-surgery)

If you have an insurance policy, Pristyn Care can help you seek from the TPA desk at the hospital to determine whether your policy covers the surgery or not. Pristyn Care is a multi-speciality healthcare provider, which aims to deliver a hassle-free short-stay surgical experience to all patients by leveraging technology, and a set of advanced operations and effective processes.

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The advantages of laser treatment for piles overshadowed its disadvantages. The laser treatment  is known to make a remarkable level of convenience for human lives. The best and the essential part of laser treatment for piles is that it lets you go to your home the same day with a smile on your face. Not only this, a significant number of people are opting laser treatment for piles, and this is a good enough reason to strengthen the fact that laser treatment is not right but the best treatment for piles.


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