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How to Wash Large Items at the Laundromat
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How to Wash Large Items at the Laundromat

Laundry with regular items and small-sized garments is already daunting. How much more if you have to wash large items at the laundromat? Washing large and bulky items such as bed sheets, blankets, comforters, coats, and jackets makes it more hassle because of their size and weight. Moreover, you have to wash them frequently to avoid dust mites and other allergens.

It is best to know how to wash these items properly to have a smooth-sailing trip to the nearest laundry service.

Read Wash Care Labels

Just like when washing your clothes, read the wash labels of these large and bulky items. The care labels are the only way to reduce the risk of damaging your garments. Moreover, you cut costs by preventing the chance to buy a replacement. Always heed the wash instructions, that’s the only way to keep the large garments stay in pristine condition.

Pre-treat Stains at Home

It is important to pre-treat stains at home. Do not do it at the laundromat, as there will not be enough workspace. Moreover, large items cannot freely tumble and produce friction in the washer.

A natural yet effective stain remover for large items is baking soda and plain white vinegar. Apply and try on the effective stain remover to skip the hassle at the laundromat.

Make Use of the Largest Washing Machine Available

An advantage of washing large items at the laundromat is having access to bulky items. A bigger washer gives the items enough room to move around and distribute soap and water evenly.

Even if it is a hassle to bring your large items to the laundromat, it is better than doing the laundry at home, where the washer is only for regular-capacity loads. Call a laundry pickup and delivery service if you cannot bring the large items yourself.

Only Use Mild Detergent in Appropriate Amount

Several regular laundry detergents have bleach or harsh chemicals. Fillings of large items will often be damaged if you use these regular laundry detergents. Choose an eco-friendly detergent that uses mild chemicals.

Select Extra Rinse Cycle

Do not hesitate to take an extra rinse cycle whenever washing large items at the laundromat. It is common for large items to have detergent residues. This is also a reminder to use lesser laundry detergent when washing large items.

Dry Items Thoroughly

Mold develops easily when large bulky items are left damp. Use a large dryer to dry them out efficiently. Do not overdry bulky items, as it makes them difficult to fold and store away. You can place two tennis balls in the dryer, and it keeps the garment fluffed and moved around. However, if you use the tennis ball, do not set the dryer to hottest. It might cause dryer burn.

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Final Thoughts

Bringing only clothes is already daunting, what more if they are large items? That’s why it is important to read the instructions to help you save time and money during your trip to the laundromat.

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