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How to Sell On Google Marketplace?
Google Marketplace
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How to Sell On Google Marketplace?

Google Cloud Marketplace provides a robust and modified enterprise solution and set of business services. It is important to spend strategically with various options that will draw down the GCP committed spend, as well as allow the developers to procure straight from Google marketplace. GCP Marketplace is the best procurement platform and where enterprises will be able to find, deploy & manage the production-ready solutions that are built by open-source projects, commercial partners, and even Google.

To start with the Google marketplace, you first need to create the account & upload the apps and business from the Google Cloud Platform. Before you start selling on the Google platform, you should first list the application and business in the GCP market. But, ensure you have rightly met the given criteria to list your company before submitting this product. Check you have fulfilled the packaging needs for the app as well as have set up the right payment modes.

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Check Out Best Features of Selling at Google Marketplace

  • Solutions vetted by Google marketplace against the security vulnerabilities
  • Flexible billing & retirement GCP spend
  • Allow development & facilitate governance,
  • Design apps for any use case
  • Increase procurement process.
  • Apps can easily be deployed.
  • Private Catalog allows control over the solution usage
  • Simple one-click deployments.
  • Get the individualized solution costing quotes with private pricing.

Google Marketplace takes this solution procurement experience completely to the next level, however, it is not simple to get up & running. With the world-class security, private catalog, tailor-made solutions, and much more, the Google platform is quite a simple choice when it is paired rightly, as you can easily make a listing, optimizing, and selling a complete breeze. The unique process of strategically launching the Cloud software & measurably managing the solutions over GCP Marketplace can put you one step ahead of your competition right from the first day.

Google’s Marketplace integrated SaaS solutions can be run on the Google Cloud & billed by Google —that means your program is linked to the ubiquitous platform. Google Cloud streamlines the customers’ experiences, allowing them to link the accounts to their accounts — and giving them trouble-free sign in with the Google credentials. There is not much to remember & more to love about this platform.

The GCP provides several predefined templates that are used for deploying the typical GCP solutions by using the Deployment Management. The templates are made accessible through GCP Marketplace and are found in GCP Console.

Uploading Images Made Simple

Make sure, by reading authentication criteria in a GCP registry, the container picture passes the automated tests for different apps in a GCP marketplace. Since these verification tests can be passed on for container photos, make sure that images for this version will be labelled with the release track & version numbers. This will help to increase and organize the effects of these changes.

Make sure you build the pictures & push them to a directory container, which you have built at the time of setup. You will have to import the files if creating the constant integration pipeline. When using the GCP Marketplace for deploying the right solution, this handles configuration & template creation. All you need to do is to deploy this solution with a click of one button from within a GCP network.

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Go Full Speed Much Faster

There’re a lot of reasons why getting the software out over GCP will be a challenging task, from the lack of resources & steep technical curve and finding the best structure, which suits your requirements the right way. GCP marketplace will many software companies to get listed over Cloud Marketplaces each year, and can massively decrease the energy, time, as well as effort needed — achieving the predictable & repeatable result without any need for advanced engineering.

Even though the GCP platform provides simple deployment of the predefined resources, and there is a certain level of customization accessible for such solutions. But, if you want complete control on resource configuration or want to perform plenty of different customization, then you will be better off in creating your configuration.

Final Words

The decentralized cloud infrastructure known as Google Cloud Platform has recently started focusing on hybrid & multi-cloud workloads and helping the developers to manage the workloads over the Google Cloud & GCP systems.

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