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4 Tips – How to Control Oily Skin

4 Tips – How to Control Oily Skin

Oily skin is not that bad. On the one pointer, your face naturally nourished by robust sebum production. This is the oily substance that protects your skin and prevents it from drying out. On the other hand, this means that at the end of a long day, you are prone to a shiny face and that you are more prone to clogged pores and acne.

The task is to minimize this oil production without dehydrating the face. You should avoid strong detergents and anything that contains alcohol that dries out your skin. Doing so could result in red, scaly, and dry skin. But you could even end up with oiled skin because removing your natural barrier can balance your body’s oil production at full speed. Follow this four-step plan to manage the shine while keeping everything matt and balanced, instead of merely bombarding your mug with the most reliable products available.

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1. Use a Clarifying or Toning Product

Clarifying cleanser for Oily Skin

In general, lightening and toning products do the same: they return the skin to the “neutral state.” You know what that means and how they get a job is very different between different brands and products, but we endorse the following recommendations. Toners generally help the skin return to its natural, slightly acidic pH, which is a kind of “resting state” between oil and dryness. You use them after a detergent, and the best ones contain nourishing ingredients that help prevent irritation. Clarification products such as cleansing agents often dissolve dead skin cells and remove oil and dirt from the skin with the help of peels such as salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and lactic acid. It is best not to dry the skin but also returns it to a stable and neutral state.

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2. Make sure your Moisturizer is Matte


Get an oil-free moisturizing moisturizer for your cleansing and toner food. (Of course, we cannot emphasize enough “oil-free,” but people with oily skin should avoid oily moisturizing formulas.) These moisturizers sit on the skin and leave a matt finish but do not clog the pores. However, it is important to have clean skin when applying. Otherwise, dirt may be present. Tinted kinds are available, but this needs careful work to match your natural skin tone. We say start with an undyed start selection.

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3. Get ready for a Touch-Up on the go

Beard Oil

Bandanas and blotting paper are an underrated and beneficial way of dealing with sweat when you are born. They are much better than a distilled scarf or, God forbid, the sleeve or hem of the shirt. The best rubs use an alcohol-free formula to a firm or lighten the skin while removing dirt and oil. Some even help melt dead skin cells to ensure clear skin. The blotting paper absorbs grease and dirt without cleaning the skin. It is as if some people soak up the excess fat on their pizza with napkins. (Unless they work). Both are easy to put in your work bag and are great for cooling off in the office before going for a drink.

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4. Combat Shine with a Powder or Lotion

The fat-absorbing, skin-dulling powder-based products are used on actors and TV presenters to avoid any glare on camera (these bright, hot lights on set are relentless). After hydration, you can apply an anti-shine lotion to your face or, as the last step in your morning routine, use a translucent powder and shine reducer to reduce the reflectivity of your forehead. You will notice the difference in all the photos from that day: suddenly, due to the camera flash, you will no longer have a bright spot on your face. Therefore, use these products, especially before significant events or gatherings, or before an interview about Zoom.

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