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How to Achieve Korean Makeup Look with 3CE
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How to Achieve Korean Makeup Look with 3CE

Ever dreamed of getting the most-sought Korean beauty? The influence of their culture worldwide has put their products at a huge advantage. From K-pop superstars like BLACKPINK and BTS to tear-jerking K-dramas all over Netflix, these reasons can drive people’s interest in having products made in Korea.

Beauty is another big deal in Korea. Trust us when we tell you when it comes to cosmetics, they don’t play. Being beautiful has always been important in their daily lives as they believe beauty comes with success. Achieving the legendary Korean look has never been easy, only if you started your skincare regimen since you were young.

Korean make up has received a lot of attention around 2012. Since then, the craze has refused to stop. The rising sales of K-beauty products led them to formulate and innovate products with high efficacy rates.

Learn some tips and tricks on how to achieve a Korean look, along with some beauty products you can use from 3 Concept Eyes. Let’s begin!

1. Start with a Healthy Skincare Routine.

There’s no amount of makeup look that can beat naturally healthy skin. It would be a great choice to start with Korean skincare and accompany it with a Korean makeup routine. Most Koreans have established their skincare routines while they were still young. The difference between the Koreans and us is we’re in the curing stage while they are in preventing stage.

There are beauty products that are both makeup look and skincare products like White Milk Cream. This moisturizing cream offers whitening and anti-aging benefits. You can use it as a primer or just by itself on a lazy day. It is safe to use as your nighttime moisturizer as it is dermatologically tested.

2. Pay attention to your Eyebrow Shape.

Koreans, known for their straight eyebrows with a slight arc. It mimics the natural shape of our brows without making it too bold. This shape can make our face more innocent and youthful. Be cautious in using brow pencils as you should not define and fill in your brows too much.

Check out 3CE Super Slim Eye Brow Pencil. It is super light and slim that makes it perfect for achieving a natural look. It glides smoothly for easier application and contains sebum-controlling powder for a long-lasting eyebrow perfection.

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3. Step up your Eye Makeup Game.

Most Koreans prefer their eyes to be the main point of their look. Unlike western makeup, they opt for natural eyeshadow shades than bold and vivid shades. They focus on their eyeliners than their eyeshadows as this can affect the eye shape. Puppy eyes and half-moon eyeliner shapes are some of the most used shapes by the Koreans.

If you want a versatile eyeshadow palette, we recommend you try Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palette. It consists of earthy shades available in matte and shimmery finishes, great for daily and occasional use.

For eyeliners, you should try Super Slim Pen Eye Liner. It is a brush liner that comes with super fine bristles to make application easier for different eyeliner shapes.

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4. Don’t forget the Blush!

Blush gives a healthy glow to our faces. As much as Koreans advocate for natural beauty, a little punch of color would not hurt. Korean women prefer shades that fall in the pinkish and orangey side as it complements their skin best.

You should consider 3CE Blush Cushion if you are looking for a buildable blusher. This cushion is a highly pigmented blush that can even use in contouring and highlighting. You will only need a few dabs to get that healthy punch of color!

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5. Don’t neglect your Lip Health.

Koreans rarely get chapped lips because most lip products they use are infused with ingredients that nourish and moisturize the lips. Reading the ingredients from your beauty products is important to know what’s good for you and what’s not. Most lip products can be very drying which results in chapped and bruised lips.

There are lip products infused with healthy ingredients like 3CE Plumping Lips. This lip balm contains organic oils that moisturize and nourish the lips. It offers a glossy finish and plumping effects with great pigmentation.

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Everything considered,

Completely achieving a Korean look is beyond anyone’s makeup routine. You need to keep your skin healthy and naturally glowing to pull off the perfect Korean makeup look. Just follow the tips we shared, and you will achieve it in no time. Beauty takes time, don’t rush yourself!

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