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How can I Make my Scalp Treatment Healthy for Hair Growth?
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How can I Make my Scalp Treatment Healthy for Hair Growth?

Fact: All Good Hair Begins with a Healthy Scalp Treatment

Despite many years of general belief, scalp treatments aren’t just reserved for people with dandruff or itchy and sore scalps.

Good scalp health is essential for good hair. Regardless of the condition of your locks, your scalp is the root of everything. (Do you see what we did there?)

“The scalp is the foundation of the hair follicle,” explains Anabel Kingsley of trichology. “If you’re not in good shape, the chances of you having hair growth and health problems significantly increased.” Research has shown that itchy, flaky scalp can cause and worsen hair loss in certain people. ”

“Like the skin on our appearance, the scalp ages, which can result in dull, thinning hair and, in the worst case, hair loss,” added Nate Bigger, founder of the new brand. MONPURE London hair and scalp care.

The good news is that we have come to realize the importance of taking care of our miserable old scalp. According to the Living Proof haircare brand, “scalp” was the most common search term for hair at Space NK in early 2019. So, read the essential tips you need to care for your scalp treatment without any more preambles.

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Tips for Scalp treatments


The importance of caring for the scalp reduces to the hair structure. “The hair consists of two parts,” explains Jos Ginestar, scientific director of Sisley Paris. Onion The hair bulb, the living part at the level of the dermis and the hair fiber, the visible region, which strongly exposed to environmental damage.

“At the scalp level, the hair bulb is the hair-producing unit in which the cells that are responsible for the formation of the hair fiber and hair color are concentrated. By introducing active ingredients for the scalp, the cellular mechanisms of the hair improved. “”

Regardless of whether your scalp is usual, dry, oily, or itchy, it would help if you took care of it. “Special care of the scalp is necessary because the condition of the hair depends directly on its health. The hair becomes more robust and thicker, lighter, and more radiant with vitality, “adds José.

Refreshing the scalp is essential to remove product buildup, and an aching scalp treatment can treat with a mask or exfoliating toner. “It is also vital to massage the scalp in addition to the formulas,” explains Jos. Massaging the hair improves blood circulation and lets the active ingredients to penetrate better. It is also better to use sulfate-free shampoos like this, hard on the scalp.

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Jos adds that while the results are a long-term solution, after a few weeks, you will notice a difference to your scalp if you follow this advice.

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What Ingredients are particularly useful for the Scalp?

When buying hair care products, certain ingredients can be particularly useful for the scalp. MONPURE founder Nate explains some of them in more detail below.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids

AHAs like lactic acid help remove dead skin cells and also waste that accumulates on the scalp throughout the day. This is important to support the absorption of active substances and to improve the effectiveness of the humectants used. “”

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“You’ve perhaps heard of retinol; Dermatologists have long sworn to be the answer to several skincare dilemmas, from scars and wrinkles, or lines to acne and pigmentation. People are beginning to understand that retinoids on the scalp and hair loss can have the same anti-aging effects as on the face. Our Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum contains a powerful form of retinol called retinyl palmitate, retinol in combination with fatty acid and palmitic acid. It also occurs naturally in the body and is a recognized antioxidant that is good for strengthening and repairing cells.

Aloe Vera


“You may already know this ingredient as a favorite after the sun or sunburn.” It is a succulent plant that grows in dry landscapes around the world and is full of so-called polysaccharides, which known for their moisturizing and anti-inflammatory powers. Therefore, it is a hero for problems like irritation, itching, and dryness. ”

Witch Hazel

“As a natural and anti-inflammatory tonic, it is ideal for treating irritated scalp as it has used in the past in skincare products to treat conditions such as insect bites, bruises, skin rashes, and minor burns, and is known for calming sensitive skin. ”

Pro-vitamin B5

“For those who work with a dry scalp that needs moisture, pro-vitamin B5, also known as pantothenic acid, is often used in face creams, masks, and tonics. It is another successful ingredient in our moisturizing and soothing scalp serum that, together with moisturizing allantoin, engrosses water from the air like a scrubber to prevent itchy and dry scalp.”

Camellia Tea Oil

“This essential oil, which is very widespread in Asia, is obtained from the seeds of the tea plant. Rich in antioxidants, proteins, and vitamins, as well as essential fatty acids, provides nourishing nutrients to the neglected scalp to stimulate hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth while maintaining conditioning. ”

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What are Scalp Scrubs? Do I need one?

“As with the facial skin, the scalp has the right amount of dirt and debris. But when your hair covers it, it can build up quickly, which causes irritation and inhibits hair growth, “explains Nate.

“Like face and body scrubs, scalp treatment peels like Monpure peeling to lighten the scalp work in the same way to remove dirt and dead skin. Instead of microspheres, our biodegradable jojoba pearls contain shea butter and nutritious argan oil extract.”

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