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Hooks vs Patches: Which is the Best Option?
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Hooks vs Patches: Which is the Best Option?

Welcome to the world of sustainable apparel. A world where you can choose between two different materials: hooks and patches. The choice between a hook and a patch can be a tough one. 

A patch is a small piece of fabric sewn onto a garment. At the same time, hooks are small pieces of fabric or plastic that can be sewn into clothes and used to attach accessories like buttons, badges or patches. They are also commonly used to repair holes in clothing.

Which one is the best option?

Both have their advantages, but some differences make one better than the other. These two seemingly simple terms can lead you down a rabbit hole of confusion, so let’s break it down!

Even though they both are very popular in today’s consumer demand, still let’s see what sets the most with your style.

Benefits of patches

Patches and hooks are a great way to add a unique look to your clothing. They’re also a good way to show off your personality, interests and sense of style.

Patches can be made of any eco-friendly and durable material for daily wear (such as cotton). If you are looking for customized  patches, then 4incustompatch got your back.

Patches are easier to apply than hooks and loops because there’s no sewing involved, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your garment with the application process. 

Patches also last longer than other types of closures because they’re made from durable materials like Velcro or hook-and-loop fasteners (HOL). 

They can be used for many different purposes: repairing holes in clothing, altering fit by attaching additional pieces of fabric under a shirt, adding pocket space to ensure nothing falls out of pants pockets while walking stairs etc.

Benefits of Hooks

Hooks are also very versatile. They’re easy to attach, remove, and reposition, making them ideal for use in various situations requiring frequent changes. They can be used on shoes, bags, clothing and other accessories.

Hooks are also ideal for use in situations where you need to make a quick repair. They’re easy to apply and remove, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your garment or losing pieces if they come apart at the wrong time.

Hooks are very easy to reposition. You can easily move them around until they’re in the right place, which means they’re ideal for use on items like shoes, bags and clothing that need to be adjusted frequently. 

They are also great for quick repairs because they come apart easily when you want them to, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your garment with the application process.


Patches and hooks are both methods of fastening clothing, but each has its strengths. Patches are an eco-friendly method of fixing holes in clothing that don’t need stitching or sewing.

They’re also a good option if you want something more durable than Velcro for a higher cost. Meanwhile, Hooks offer Velcro’s convenience without sacrificing quality – making them an attractive alternative to traditional buttonholes.

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