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How to Improve Your Handwriting
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How to Improve Your Handwriting

The way your handwriting looks can be a wonderful reflection of you and your personality. That is why people love receiving handwritten notes: they represent a piece of you!

It is such a pure joy to fill your paper with the feelings of your heart, but it is of little use if no one can read it. If you have been plagued by bad and illegible handwriting then fret not, we have got the solution for you. In this post, you will learn 7 tips for improving your basic handwriting skills.

#1. The Basics 

The sword is the swordsman’s greatest asset and so is the writer’s pen. A good quality gel/ink pen is a much better option than ball point pens that skid off the paper. Relax your grip and write the tales you desire. It is better to grip the pen a little further away from the tip so as to reduce the pressure applied to the paper. Let us keep our writing light and breezy.

#2. Paper Rotations 

From our school days, we have been taught to keep our papers vertical. By all means, rotate away to find an angle that is comfortable and suits your writing. Tilt it at an angle of about 45° for optimum positioning.

#4.Uniform Letterforms 

A bad handwriting is as annoying to a reader as an irritating voice to a listener. You want to keep your handwriting in a uniform manner throughout the composition without adding a lot of different fonts and styles, for a more pleasing look to the eye.

#4. Do not Exaggerate the Loop 

If you are writing in cursive, then do not exaggerate the loops on letters like b, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, t, y. Keep them all neatly close to the main body of the alphabet.

#5. The Main Body

The main body of the alphabets a, b, d, g, a, p should be closed. Leaving out an open end could lead to potential confusion. Your words deserve to be understood for what they are and fulfill their purpose.

#6. Practice Worksheets

Practice on worksheets to get the hang of writing in cursive. There are several worksheets you can download online that will come in handy for you to practice your writing on. Guide your letters into the boundaries they provide as you let your thoughts run wild on paper.

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#7. Spacing  

Letter spacing: Keep the letters close to each other, but make sure their parts do not touch or overlap. Each letter needs its space.

Word spacing: Have you always been troubled with how much space to leave between words? Here’s a novel solution for it. The distance between the words should be as wide as the lowercase letter “n”.

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